EverYuth Orange Peel-Off Skin Vitaliser:Review

EverYuth Orange Peel-Off Skin VitaliserThough I love to concoct my own beauty potions and would rather use fresh natural ingredients on my skin, sometimes when I don’t have the time or inclination to prepare one at home, I use a natural skin care product such as this EverYuth 
Orange Peel-Off Skin Vitaliser. Also if I’m in a hurry, a homemade facial scrub/mask is not so viable. During such times, this peel-off version comes in handy. It’s good in the sense that it is a multitasking product – it cleanses the pores and gets rid of the deep-seated dirt, grime and oil; its’ peel-off action gently exfoliates, the orange extracts, AHA and vitamins in it moisturize and nourish the facial skin. I use it whenever my face becomes too oily/greasy and specially in the summer months. Soon after using it my face feels cleansed, rejuvenated and tight.

Wash your face. Spread a not so thin layer on your face, avoiding the under eye area and let it stay for 15-20 minutes till it dries. Then gently peel it off, starting from your forehead in the downward direction towards the chin. Then splash cold water on your face. To be used once in a week and suitable for all skin types.
Orange Peel extracts - Refreshes, conditions, tightens and moisturizes skin.
Fruit AHA - Revitalises skin by stimulating the skin cell renewal process.
Vitamins A, C, E - Protect your skin from the sun, pollution and premature aging.

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Oranges are great for exfoliation and skin-brightening so I am guessing it will rejuvenate your skin.Golden Glow will also do great.
    They both will work well on brightening and exfoliation so give them a try!

  2. Chetana9:35 AM

    wow! another nice review… gonna grab one and try this

  3. Hemalata10:58 AM

    Exfoliation is used to remove the outermost, dead skin layer off your body, to reveal the fresh new skin underneath.

  4. Anonymous2:58 AM

    where can i buy everyuth orange peel off?

  5. I had purchased it long back and it could have been discontinued. Instead try for Everyuth Golden glow peel-off face pack. If you are living in India, you can get it at any grocery shop.


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