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August 31, 2007

Herbal Cleansing cream
You are in need of a cleansing cream to get rid of the embedded dust, gunk and grime and also to remove the last traces of any stale makeup...

August 29, 2007

An anger management tip
It’s so easy to preach and so difficult to practice. Especially, when you are told to control your wrath and keep your cool in the most tryi...

August 28, 2007

Bael fruit face pack for sagging skin
The Bael tree is revered and worshipped in India . And almost every part of this amazing tree can be used in home-remedies . Read Medicina...

August 27, 2007

Medicinal uses of tamarind
Most of us are familiar with ‘ tamarind ’ or ‘imli’. The pulp which is extracted from the long bean like pods of tamarind can be used fres...

August 26, 2007

Skin care for the bride -2
You have already set your heart for the big day, visualizing yourself as a radiant bride, all aglow in glittering finery. You are excited an...

August 23, 2007

Lower blood pressure by exercising regularly
Hypertension or high blood pressure is often referred to as the silent killer , because there are usually no symptoms until blood pressure...

August 21, 2007

Natural remedies for dark circles around your eyes
Dark circles around your eyes. How unsightly they look and even your best dress and layers of make-up sometimes does not quite succeed in...

August 19, 2007

Bath oil to nourish your skin
When we consider the chronic and considerable insults that are heaped on our bodies, it’s a wonder our youthful looks last as long as they d...

August 16, 2007

Home remedies for muscle cramps
When a person goes through the agony of a muscle cramp, even if it is for a couple of minutes, it can be very disconcerting. Extreme cold...

August 15, 2007

Fix your dull and tired skin with masks and complexion scrubs
In the morning you are as fresh as a daisy, but towards dusk you always end up with a tired look and a dull, sallow complexion. No, you are ...

Celebrating 60 years of Freedom
On the occasion of 61st Independence Day, I extend my warm wishes to all the Indian readers. This e-card is just for you all.

A reminder
Just a reminder to you all to subscribe to this blog by e-mail. By doing so, you will receive an e-mail whenever this blog is updated and th...

August 13, 2007

Animals on your hands?
These pictures will leave you spellbound. The deft strokes from the brush of an expert artist and body painter Guido Daniele have literal...

August 12, 2007

A simple trick to get natural curls
Super straight hair is out. Natural curls are in. Also, those with straight hair sometimes feel like having curls for a change. After all, v...

August 10, 2007

Beware of dust mites on your pillows
Dust that gets accumulated in our houses is a host to millions of germs and microorganisms. Dusting and cleaning the house in itself is a cu...

August 9, 2007

Medicinal uses of Bael (Bilva)
Bael fruit Tree ( Image Source ) At least in India , most of us have heard of the Bael (Bilva) tree. The Bael tree has a religious si...

August 8, 2007

Homemade conditioners for dry hair
More than any other type, it is dry hair that needs a thorough conditioning after shampooing . You just can’t afford to skip conditioning ...

August 5, 2007

Hypochondriacs over the net
Ever heard of a ‘ cyberchondriac ’? It’s a term coined for those hypochondriacs who search online for information about their supposed...

Happy Friendship Day

August 2, 2007

Homemade moisturizer for oily skin
The use of moisturizers is highly recommended if you want to protect your skin against possible loss of moisture and preserve its elasticit...

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