What to do when your leather sandals get wet?

leather sandalsWe all have faced instances when we are out on the streets wearing our favorite pair of leather sandals and a sudden shower from the skies drenches us completely from head to foot. After wading through the puddles and muddy waters, we somehow manage to reach home with difficulty. And a quick glance at the state of our sandals will leave us squirming with pain.

But all is not lost. Instead of cursing the nature’s fury which chose to strike you on that particular day, you can try this tip. First wipe the sandals with an old cotton towel. Then get a couple of sheets of newspaper or paper towels and cut them roughly in a shape that will fit into your wet sandals almost perfectly. Thus stuffed with paper, leave them near a fan to dry. The paper will absorb the moisture and also help maintain the shape of the straps as they dry.


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