Nose hairs dangling out? Trim them with nose hair trimmers

You all must be familiar with this particular  situation! You see an impeccably dressed and otherwise well-groomed person – could even be one of your close friends or a relative. But when you see few nose hairs protruding out of his/her nostrils, you instantly experience a slight shudder and disgust at the person’s indiscretion, while he or she may not even be aware of it. Outwardly it might appear to be a frivolous matter, but surely it’s not something that should be brushed aside as hairs peeking out of the nostrils are extremely distracting and look ostensibly unsightly.

Hairs peeking out of nostrils are extremely distracting and look ostensibly unsightly. Never pluck them but trim them with proper tools. #nosehair #nostrilhair #grooming #nose #nosehairtrimmers #trimnosehair

Nasal Hair Is Important And Has Specific Purpose

Now hairs inside the nose are not vestiges – they do have a specific purpose. In fact, nose hair is one of the body's first lines of defense against harmful environmental pathogens such as germs, fungus and spores. When a person inhales unfiltered air through his or her nose, he or she is also inhaling whatever solid particles are contained in that air. The thicket of nose hair contained in each nostril helps to trap the larger particles in a sticky layer of mucus. This is why hygienists discourage people from completely eliminating their nose hair while grooming. Another purpose for nose hair is to provide additional humidity to the inhaled air. As the inhaled air passes through the nasal passages, the mucus and nose hair provide heat and moisture.

nasal hair close view
Closeup view of nasal air (Pic credits:wikipedia)

Everyone has at least some nose hair. As people age, they tend to grow more and longer nose hairs. The growth of this hair is actually tied to the loss of the hormone estrogen, a female hormone, but is present in small quantities in men as well. Since men have lower levels of estrogen, they tend to have more nose and ear hair. Women's nose hair starts growing out of their nostrils when they are in their late thirties and more so when they are nearing menopause or when they have reached menopause.

Nose hair is unsightly

Now for some reason, long hairs dangling out of noses are socially unacceptable for women as well as for men. A quick look in the mirror to check for nose hair takes only a few seconds and is well worth the effort. And as hair growth happens with regularity, trimming should become a part and parcel of your routine.

Better still, set aside one day in a week or a fortnight, depending upon your hair-growth to tend to nose hair.
Fortunately, there are products and methods out there to help ward off this "seemingly" small problem. The easiest method of course is to just pluck the hairs out of the nasal cavity, but it’s not really a good idea as it can create small tears in nasal membranes and can easily lead to scarring or infections, more so if you’re an individual with a sensitive nose. Besides plucking nose hair hurts like hell and you should look for something which is a little less painful but just as effective.

Virtual Nostril Hair Plucking - Have Fun

But virtual nose hair plucking can be fun, so head over to this hilarious site where you will find a virtual tweezer - just grab it with your mouse and yank all the long nasal hairs that are sticking out from both the nostrils to your heart’s content. Jokes apart, you may also have heard that you can also use scissors, but this too is not recommended by pros due to the injuries that one can sustain through this method.

Use Nose Hair Trimmers

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer  Panasonic ER421KC Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
Nose hair trimmers, however seem to be a good choice. They are quick and easy to use and much, much safer than scissors or tweezers. They are not too expensive also and many models are well around $20 and can easily trim ear hair and eyebrows too; some can even be used on facial hair as well. Besides they can be easily purchased from several online stores. You can check out some top rated models, such as the Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer + Lifetime Warranty, Panasonic ER421KC Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer, Wet/Dry, Lighted, Groom Mate TrimIT Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer + Lifetime Warranty and Conair NE152CS Ultimate Turbo Nose/Ear Trimmer

Tips To Follow While Trimming Nose Hair 

Groom Mate TrimIT Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer +Lifetime Warranty  Conair Ultimate Turbo Nose and ear Trimmer  
Using a nose hair trimmer is usually safe, but you should pay attention to certain things to minimize any adverse effects. Always make sure your nose is clean. Blow your nose beforehand if needed. This will prevent clogs, and of course improves hygiene.
person trimming nose hairMake sure you trim in a well lit area and in front of a mirror. The better you can see your hair, the more efficiently you will be able to cut it. Take care not to squeeze the trimmer too far into the nose or your ear. While excessive nose hair may be considered ugly, it should never be completely removed. Those who choose to remove almost all of their nose hair may find themselves very susceptible to allergy attacks, sinusitis and respiratory infections. Using a nose hair trimmer should never be painful. If you are using a model that hurts, it is probably of a low quality, and you should find a new one as quickly as possible.

So what do you do about those long dangling nose / nasal hairs? Which tools have you found effective to trim them? Have you ever tried to pluck them and hurt your nasal membrane? Do share in your comments.
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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Loved this post.

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Thanks for the indepth information. Loved it!

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    You can very carefully trim them with cosmetic scissors or finger nail cuticle nippers. The keyword is CAREFULLY though.

  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I love Tweezerman tweezers! I like their new designs too.

  5. Navaneeth10:00 AM

    Tweezing is one of the least expensive techniques for removing unwanted hair.

  6. Kantharaju9:04 AM

    Those tweezers are a cool idea.

  7. Ashwin9:32 AM

    * Don't overdo the tweezing. Cilia or nasal hair is naturally structured as a filter against dust, smoke and other very tiny, foreign particles and bacteria that may enter into your respiratory system. There's no need to remove all hair; for hygienic and self-esteem purposes, simply remove the ones that visibly stick out of your breathers. After you're done, soothe your irritated skin with a cold compress.

  8. Bharat9:33 AM

    It would be best to keep a steady hand and never do your nose hair grooming in haste. Pulling out hair strands in groups, in an attempt to save time, is suicidal. Aside from being unbearably painful, this may cause redness or even infection to the delicate inner skin lining of your nose.

  9. Robert5:02 PM

    Trimming is the key word in nasal hair grooming. You should never pluck nasal hairs, so don't use tweezers. Plucking not only hurts, but it can also cause small lesions that can lead to infection.

  10. Anant5:02 PM

    The best way to trim unwanted nasal hair is probably with a nasal hair trimmer

  11. Achala5:04 PM

    Trimming should be done when you are awake and alert to avoid injury to the nasal passages.

  12. Bhama4:10 PM

    Nose hair serve to protect the delicate membranes of the inner nasal passage from dust, dirt, and debris. The hair also traps moisture and humidity to keep the delicate nasal membranes lubricated and healthy. So it’s not a good idea to trim off our nose hair as that can damage the membranes, causing inflammation and enhancing cold or allergy symptoms
    a nose trimmer is very efficient in trimming off the long and untidy nose hair and it definitely works faster than scissors.

  13. I only have the occassional overgrown hair. 1 hair. It sort of tickles me and then I’ll go see in the mirror and realise 1 hair is sticking out. I’ll then proceed to tweezer it off. 🙂

  14. Some hair grows outside and it’s embarrassing.

  15. Kratika4:18 PM

    I believe the nose trimmer does a safer, faster, easier job.

    Awesome, useful article


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