10 Styling Hacks Every Guy Must Try

In this day and age with all the resources available, there's no reason why guys should not keep up with women when it comes to looking fashionable or at least well put. Being well-dressed is beneficial because it builds a positive impression upon others because people tend to take you more seriously when you have a veneer of style compared to just looking like you woke up and walked around in clothes you slept in. Additionally, dressing well also boosts self-confidence and shows good manners for all people you encounter.

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Being fashionably dressed doesn't have to be complicated like keeping a handbook of style with you at all time unless of course, you want to. Style hacks are simple and easy to remember. Think of it as a guideline where you can take a tip or two for when you want to put together. Here are ten styling hacks or recommendations that you must try:

Use Sit Down Method for Button-Down Shirts

Button-down shirts are a staple in any gentleman's closet so it is a good idea to get as many shirts as your paycheck would allow. Since it is an investment piece, these garments should fit properly and should work as intended whether for casual or formal outfits. An easy way to determine that a button-down shirt fits is to put it on and sit down. If it gets too tight that the buttons are pulling, try going a size up.

Don't Hang Sweaters

Sweaters are some of the most stylish pieces of clothing that men can own when done right. When storing them or when they are not in use for the season, remember to fold them instead of hanging them. Sweaters are heavier than most garments so when they're put on hangers, they tend to stretch because of gravity pulling it down. By folding them, you preserve their proper shape and render them usable for the right season.

Double Fold Shirt Sleeves

It can be a little annoying when shirt sleeves keep unrolling at the most inopportune time like in the middle of work or meeting. A good way to keep them up and out of the way is to fold the sleeve until the cuff is at the crease of your elbow and then take the folded fabric at the forearm and fold that again towards the elbow. This is a much more secure way of folding the sleeves, keeps it neat, and a definite head turner for the ladies.

Get a Proper Haircut

One of the most eye-catching physical traits of a man is the hair and it is often said that a haircut reveals what type of person they are. A haircut and style project the image of its owner and it will affect the way people perceive you so it is good to maintain the upkeep of cuts every 6 weeks or as needed. In a year, a man gets around 8 to 9 haircuts so it is vital to have a trusted barber and stylist so your hair done flawlessly every time.

Try New Accessories

Men should not be afraid to experiment and go out of their comfort zone by accessorizing. There are many accessories that go beyond the standard watch, cufflinks, and pocket square. What men don't realize is that is acceptable for them to wear jewelry like rings, earrings, and bracelets but it needs a little finesse for it to work. If you're uncomfortable about using gold, silver, and too broke for titanium accessories, consider getting carbon fiber accessories for fashion instead.

Get a Classic Watch

Every man should have a watch because they are the only accessory that they can wear every day. In the older times, it is considered as a necessity because it is useful to tell time and oftentimes stylish. Even if you own multiple technological pieces to help time, it doesn't hurt to invest and get in the habit of owning a classic watch. Get a timeless timepiece that goes well with many outfits or has straps that can be changed to suit events.

Learn to Layer Clothes

Layering is not only to be stylish, it also helps you keep warm especially when the weather is unpredictable. It certainly helps during in-between seasons when it is too warm for a heavy winter coat but too cold for a lightweight jacket. Learn to experiment with layering because it also adds variety and personality to your overall look. Take note of simple tips and tricks like layering from thin to thick and working with different sizes.

Go Sockless But Not Really

If you are in the mankles fashion trend that is very popular among men, you know that ankle length trousers are paired with sockless shoes. It might look good in photos but going totally bare under your shoes has its pitfalls. Remember to wear invisible socks because they create the illusion of wearing no socks while keeping your shoes fresh and free from smell.

Wear Cologne

Fragrance is not only exclusive to women should men should rightfully wear any scent they choose to. Apart from smelling better, men who wear cologne are deemed more attractive because it is perceived as a move by someone who knows and likes to take care of themselves. When choosing a cologne, remember to take note of your own natural scent and go for fragrance that doesn't clash with it.

Invest in Skin Care

Most men can ignore their skin but here's the hard truth: skin care matters; even among men. A skin care regimen is important no matter how old you are. Taking care of your skin will allow it look better for longer, fresher, and younger. It's 2018 and the men's skin care industry is growing and now it's time for you to get yours too or at the very least get some sunscreen and it use it daily.

You don't need to change overnight, taking a tip or two from the pieces of advice mentioned above may be all that you'll ever need. If you're dedicated to making yourself look better every day, practicing and making a habit of taking small steps will greatly help you along your way. Do you have other men's style hacks you want to share? Write it in the comment section below.

(Contributed by Tara Hastings)

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