Missing A Tooth? 3 Procedures For a Confidence-Boosting Smile

Nothing can dampen a smile quite as quickly as having a few missing teeth. The lack of confidence from having gaps where pearly whites should be is enough to make people avoid taking photos entirely. Though with advances in modern cosmetic dentistry making replacements easier and cheaper to obtain, finding excuses to put off procedures to fix your smile are becoming harder than before.

Depending on the severity of the missing tooth, it may be possible to have a crown put over top. This could be an easier procedure that could be done in a single day, depending on your dentist and the tools they have available in office. A crown is essentially a cap they put over-top the original tooth, and it may be helpful if the tooth is broken or fragmented. It’s important you discuss with your dentist to find the most affordable and long-lasting procedure for you.

Receive A Partial Denture

Partial dentures offer a removable solution to the problem of missing teeth by utilizing false teeth inset into a gum-colored base. The base and false teeth are anchored into the mouth by a variety of methods but most commonly need a wire apparatus to fully secure the prosthesis into place. Though the wiring can provide aesthetic issues by being visible, more discreet dentures are able to adhere to adjacent teeth with precision attachments, though sometimes this requires neighboring teeth require a crown.

Replacing A Missing Tooth With A Bridge

Dental bridges fill in the gaps in smiles literally by bridging the gap with a series of crowns placed on top of adjacent teeth. Dentists prep the area by first removing most of the enamel from the neighboring teeth so that crowns can be cemented a top of the newly ground teeth while a false tooth is held between each of the crowns. Dental bridges have long been the go-to fix for missing teeth as they offer a long lasting solution without the necessitating the use of dentures. Though dental bridges are by no means a permanent fix, with proper care a bridge last well into the better portion of a decade.

Permanently Fixing Your Smile With A Dental Implant

By far the most popular and most permanent solution for missing teeth, dental implants allow patients to go about life as they did before ever losing a tooth. The implant mimics the same feel and strength of an actual tooth and for all cosmetic purposes looks identical to your real teeth. Implants are fixed into place using a titanium "root" which after placement will adhere to the bone, offering the strongest possible bond of all the mentioned options. Adding to the benefits of dental implants is the fact that no adjacent teeth need to be altered to accommodate the placement of a bridge.

Whatever method you prefer to use to fix your smile, it is essential you consult professionals, such as the experts at Cloverleaf Dental Center, to ensure you're following the best course of repair.

(Contributed by Emma Sturgis)

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