Best Diet and Nutrition Apps for 2017

Living a healthy life is all we strive for nowadays, having in mind all the stress and work we have to cope with. Sometimes is very hard to maintain your health at top level due to many external factors, such as job, traffic, relationships. However, we live in modern times where we are able to find all the help we need in order to stay healthy. What we eat is who we are, and we should pay attention to the food. If you think you do not have time to take care about your diet, we have found something helpful. All you need is a phone or a tablet and you are ready. There are so many health applications out there, but here are some great diet and nutrition apps for you.

Calorie Counter By FatSecret

This application can be considered as the basic one, but sufficient for those who have strong will to stick to the diet and counting calories. It has a system which is based on entering the food you are consuming and the information on how many calories have you had. Also, it will help you figure out how many calories did you burn on a training or while exercising generally, even while doing your regular activities. What is also helpful when it comes to this app is that it has the bar code scanner. Simply scan the item you want and you will get the number of calories that item contains. The Calorie Counter has the recipe base with some cool healthy food tips you can use for your diet. (


We all know how important water for a human being is, but we do often forget about this. How many times did you catch yourself not having drunk a single glass of water during the day? You know the saying – if you are thirsty, it means your body has already been dehydrated. In order to prevent this, Waterlogged (  will help you with the amount of water you should drink per day. It works as a reminder but also keeps tracks on the amounts of water you are entering into your body per day and compares and tracks your progress. It also advises on how much water you should have according to your height and weight and, of course, physical activities.

My plate

One of the most popular applications when it comes to food and diet is My Plate. All you need to do is name the activity you are doing (jogging, walking) and it will calculate the number of calories you had while eating and also the number of calories spent while doing that activity. Also, you have to enter your physical details and based on those information, it will provide you with a number of calories you are allowed to have per day in order to maintain your weight or reach the desired one. It also has a food diary which keeps tracks on what you eat and how many times per day you have a meal or a snack. Should you find yourself in a country with certain domain or website block, it would be recommended to use a solid Express VPN for downloading this application, which is available for every operating system.

Lose it

Another excellent application for you, if you want to pay attention on what you eat and how to obtain the desirable weight. Enter all the details regarding your physical condition, such as weight and height, enter the desirable weight and start losing it. This app (( watches on the calories, reminds you on what should and what you should not eat, if you want to achieve your goal. It has the exercise log and the food database and also keeps record on your previous enters regarding your food habits. If you set your plan on losing your weight, this application  will support you by advising properly and you should definitely stick to it.
These applications are among top rated ones. If your life is hectic but you want to remain healthy, fit and good looking, these will definitely help you, especially because they can be downloaded to your phone and you carry it along with you all day. Bear in mind that you should follow the processes fully and pay attention to recommendations given by the apps.

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    diet and nutrition directly impact our beauty, as well as our weight and overall health.If you really want glowing skin, it’s time to start looking at what and how you’re eating. The food we eat provides us with a wide array of necessary nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for our bodies to be able to grow and function optimally. The right foods, eaten the right way, can also make you look younger, having a visible impact on our complexion, hair and nails.


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