2017 Style: 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Look

2017’s latest style trends give you numerous options for customizing an innovative wardrobe that's fashionable yet uniquely your own. Consider these 5 items for jazzing up your look and making it fresh for 2017.

1. Fair Isle Knitted Sweaters

Sweater knits are hot items right now. Look for Fair Isle knitted sweaters featuring Scandinavian style snowflake, deer, star and bird motifs. Another top trend: knitted sweaters and sweater vests featuring gray heather yarns or other heathered colors.

2. Multi-Strand Beaded Necklaces

Multi-strand beaded necklaces have made a comeback for 2017. We've been seeing styles that feature cascades of simple round beads in one solid color; we've also been seeing more complex styles that include multicolored and faceted beads.

Designs like this were a big thing in the 1980s, so you might be able to find some vintage examples around that would be a unique addition to your current 2017 wardrobe.

3. Bomber Jackets in Every Possible Fabrication

The classic bomber jacket is made of suede or leather and comes in basic brown or black. This is a fail-safe look that you really can't go wrong with right now, but you have lots more adventurous choices if you really want to change up your look for 2017.

The classic bomber jacket has been receiving updates in bunches of different ways; look for satin bomber jackets, velvet bomber jackets, knitted bomber jackets and even lace bomber jackets.

4. Gel Nail Polish

If you've either been paying for weekly manicures or not bothering with manicures at all because the maintenance involved is daunting, gel nail polish is a trend you'll want to know about.

A manicure done with gel nail polish can last as long as three weeks, even if you work with your hands or wash your hands frequently.
2017's gel nail polish color palette largely mirrors the "big box" retailers' trendy fashion color palettes. Some of the most current nail color choices include pastel shades of lavender, pink, coral, turquoise and blue.

Darker pinks, plums, wines, reds and browns are also available. Quirkier colors like green, yellow and gold round out the selection.

5. Rompers, Jumpsuits and One-Piece Garments

These days people love it when things are easy, and that explains why rompers, jumpsuits, one-piece pantsuits and other one-piece garments are the latest fashionable things right now.

It's hard to beat the ease of putting on one garment and then moving on to other tasks like accessorizing and choosing a movie to watch.

These are 5 of the trendiest ways to jazz up your look for 2017. No matter what your style personality is like, there are interesting ways you could adapt items like these to make them fit well with your existing wardrobe.

(Contributed by Dixie Somers)

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