Top 5 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

There comes that point every year or so, when your wardrobe starts aging slightly and the clothes that once used to be your go-to for your best outfits no longer make the cut. The colour might be fading or it may be a simple case of trying to update your style slightly.

Get in the Seasonal Colours
A reason that your clothes might need an update is because the colours of most of your clothes are all the ones you would associate with a particular season. For instance, the summer months are often the brighter colours such as peach or blue or floral print pieces such as the Antony Morato short sleeve shirt. Whereas, the autumn and winter months are usually the times for darker colours such as bronze and beige. Wearing clothes that are seasonal is a simple but effective way of updating your wardrobe and it will be easy to update it as you know what colours you are after for the next year.

Footwear for All Occasions
Keeping a good footwear collection is very important to update your wardrobe. The recommendation would be to have a pair of canvas shoes to go with a more casual outfit. A pair of suede shoes can go with the more smart/casual look when you’re going for an evening meal out. For a smarter pair of shoes, the traditional leather style shoes should go well with any pair of trousers and are a simple key to keeping your wardrobe updated.

Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind
This of course is an area that differs from person to person. But an example can be assessing the differences between a personal trainer and a corporate office worker. If you are the personal trainer you would need to make sure that your wardrobe is regularly updated with tracksuit bottoms and running trainers. The corporate office worker would be unlikely that you would be able to afford to buy a new suit regularly so the way to update your wardrobe can be with buying a new tie, and keep the colour up to date with the seasons.

Liven up Your Sock Collection
This can be the simplest way of keeping your wardrobe looking fresh. This is because socks are generally less noticeable as a part of your outfit. If you’re wearing a dark pair of jeans with a dark pair of trainers, a plain dark pair of socks will go unnoticed. So instead, go for a pair of socks that might match with the t-shirt or jacket you’ve got on. Or even wearing a pair of socks that have a slight pattern on them can be a good way of making your socks stand out.

Bigger is Better
A strong trend over the past few years is the skinnier and tight-fitted look with a large number of clothes. The trend is now shifting to baggier clothing, with bigger jumpers and trousers now set to become a regular part of your wardrobe. The jumpers and cardigans are likely to come more in to play when the winter months roll around, but it might be a good idea to get a few in now. This is a look that definitely gives a more relaxed feel so it would be recommended to stick to this type of style for a casual outfit.

(Contributed by Ryan Duffy)

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