Your Best Picks in Shoes for Fall 2015

Irrespective of how genuinely fashionable and chic your outfit may be, you are never ready for an occasion without the right pair of shoes. Of course, most fashion following girls have their share of classics, but it makes sense to use the runway trends for creating new looks. In this very special feature, let’s talk of the best shoe trends that emerged from the top four fashion weeks with quick advice of how you can do more for less.

1_The rope detail

The “rope” detail: Call it inspired from erotic novels or anything else, use of bondage and tying details in shoes was one of the major hits for winter and fall 2015, and you have every reason to buy one. Some of the top designer houses, including 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff, went for some really posh shades and added the ‘rope’ detailing to create sensuous designs. If you cannot get direct designer shoes, you will find quite a few options in online stores and flea market for much lesser prices.

2_The furry affair

The furry affair: Like it or not, fur emerged as one of the biggest trends for fall 2015, and the trend is just right for the winters too. Fur is not the right thing for many, which is quite understandable for the sheer fact that we are talking much on animal welfare. The good thing is that faux fur is extremely luxurious and gives the same effect as regular fur, so you have a lot to look for. For fur inspired designs, you can check Maison Margiela, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. Make sure that you go for a balance between bright shades and regular basics, so that you have a lot to choose from.

3_Chunky funky heels

Chunky, funky heels: The heels for winter 2015 are likeable in a weird way, with some very unique designs coming straight on the runways. Most designers have taken the concept of ‘future shoes’ a tad too far, and we are just loving the results. Some of the top designs came from Christian Dior, Simone Rocha and Monique Lhuillier, but that not’s the end of the list. Practically this is one trend that wouldn’t mind investing in the real sense, because you only see this stuff only in designer stores and there is a sense of experiment and class that goes hand in hand.

4_Cut-out boots

While there were quite a few things in shoes that deserved a mention probably, but it makes sense to talk to the most practical ideas, so that more readers can connect. One of these ideas was the cut-out boots, which also made a mark for all the right reasons. Designers to check include Elie Saab, Julien Macdonald and Marni.

Happy shopping for the winters and hope you have a warm one!

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert, who works as the editor and chief writer for The House of Elegance Fashion. She is known for her amazing sense of style and loves to work on writing practical fashion advice for all.

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