Effective ways to protect your skin

When you think of skin care, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to deal with acne and freckles. You would probably want to find out which are the best acne solution products to heal your acne and their scars. But, in this context, you must not ignore an intensive skin care routine that involves eating a healthy diet, using the best sunscreen lotion for oily skin, hydrating yourself, etc. Read further to learn essential techniques for preventing skin problems. Also, find out why using the best sunscreen lotion for oily or dry skin is a compulsion.

Avoid sun exposure
According to a global study, it was found that millions of people all over the globe die of skin cancer every year. The number is rising day by day, and this is mainly because of the environmental conditions like the ozone layer depletion and glacier meltdown. Fortunately, you can take necessary measures to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. You can wear hats that are made of dark fabric when stepping out in the sun. Also, you should always apply a thick coating of the best sunscreen lotion for oily or dry skin. You can coat your feet and nose with zinc oxide paste too, as they are the protruding horizontal surfaces.

Do not forget to protect surfaces such as the under part of your chin as it is vulnerable to reflected light from sand, concrete, and snow. Keep away from sunbathing as it is not a good idea especially for fair-skinned people. Instead of getting a tan, you could get severe sunburns. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses to avoid any damage to your eyes. And if you have acne problems, you should use the best acne solution products along with you sunscreen.

Take health precautions
Cold sores caused by viral infections can spread instantly. They are often seen bordering the lips, and its bacteria can contribute to the growth of acne and other skin conditions. You must always use the best acne solution products that can easily destroy these bacteria causing pimples. Practicing skin protection means monitoring your skin frequently and paying close attention to any changes. Avoid sharing personal cosmetics such as lipsticks. You must also avoid touching your face with your fingers or objects such as a telephone receiver that has been used by others. Wash your face thrice a day to get rid of bacteria, dirt, and dead cells.

Monitor your skin
Try to massage your skin with a clean washcloth in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly after washing to remove all soaps and debris. Check out the reviews of the best sunscreen lotion for oily or dry skin online and invest in one to prevent skin irritation, discoloration, or rashes. Get your skin checked by a reputed dermatologist to see signs of dermatitis or skin inflammation. Treat cuts and wounds before they turn septic. Use a hand mirror or full-length mirrors to do a head-to-toe check in a well-lighted room. If you find a weird mole, report it to your doctor immediately. Pay careful attention to tissue growth or any visible changes in your skin. Sometimes, a change in your existing mole can indicate signs of skin cancer. It is better to get it treated at the earliest. Undergo a skin cancer screening test at least once a year.

Skin problems can be treated as well as avoided with special care. Do not forget to wear the best sunscreen lotion for oily or dry skin, every time you step out in the sun. Follow the above-given tips to prevent any type of skin problem. Consult your dermatologist for personal and in-depth skin care advice.

(Contributed by Manisha)

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  1. Wear high factor sunblock and your skin won't change colour. You also protect your skin from aging and cancer. Start wearing it and your arms will go back to White soon enough.


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