Hairstyles That Suit Your Curly Hair

You might have heard your curly hair called a “curse” or “unmanageable”.  The fashion industry certainly isn't interested in catering to the sixty-five percent of women who have some curl or wave in their hair.  In fact, straighteners are among the most popular hair appliances being sold today!  So, what's a girl to do if she's got curly hair and loves it?  Fortunately, there are plenty of hairstyles for curly hair that aren't hard to do and look great.  Here are just a few.

Long Curly Hairstyles
Lots of curly haired women choose to let their hair grow long.  If you've got fairy-tale locks but are bored with the same old thing, try something different. Simple accent braids can make wearing your hair down fun again.  Or scrunch just a little gel into your hair to tame fly-aways and accent your bouncy spirals. Remember not to fight your curl, especially on humid days.

Half-up, half-down looks are practical on straight-haired gals, but romantic if your hair is curly.  Casual updos look their best if you have a few spiraling tendrils to accent them with, especially since the most recent styles for wearing your hair up are just a little bit messy.  Want something simple?  Consider a wide headband if you're short on time.

Short Curly Hairstyles
Short curly hair has a bad reputation that it just doesn't deserve.  It's bad hair care methods or ones that are suited for other hair types that cause frizziness and “poodle hair.”  To prevent these problems, allow your hair to air dry as long as possible. But if you’re short of time you can use only high end hair dryers to make sure your dear curls are preserved and redefined, and look for shampoos that won't pull the moisture out of your hair.  As far as cuts go, remember that layering can help cut down bulk if your hair's a little more adventurous than you like.  Stylists can also thin your hair, but don't go this route until you've tried everything else.

Gel or other products can emphasize your curls, and keep them separate from one another.  Scrunching spray keeps your locks loose and bouncy. Pull the sides back with small barrettes, or try a headband to keep hair out of your face.  Try a bob cut or use foam rollers to produce a cute, retro look.

Wedding Updos For Curly Hair
Everyone needs to have a hairstyle for a special occasion and curly haired women are no exception.  Fortunately, we already have the curls that many women spend hours putting into their hair for updos and other elaborate hairstyles.  When you think about romantic styles, board-straight hair just isn't what comes to mind. However, not all stylists are good with curly hair.  If you're looking for wedding updos for curly hair, or for a style for any other special occasion, talk to your stylist before you make your appointment.  See what she advises for your hair, and what kind of experience she has.

Almost all the classic updos look great with curly hair, but you should look for styles that allow you to showcase it.  Don't roll all your hair up and slick it down tightly in a smooth French twist.  Instead, try a looser bun, a cascade of curls with delicate accent braids, or a braid chignon with some tendrils left free.  How much you let your curls do their own thing depends on the formality of the situation, but smoothing them all down is difficult, and a waste of beautiful curls. Use your imagination, and you'll have a great updo for any occasion!

(Contributed by Zandra Tyke)

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