The ultimate diet for melting cellulite dimples

A number of women find this problem extremely creepy but still have to deal with it at some stage of their lives. This problem is none other than “cellulite” found usually on the buttocks and thighs. It forms lumps which appear like dimples and look really embarrassing. All women of all ages and of all sizes are prone to this problem. What causes cellulite is difficult to explain. Reasons vary from person to person. Some of them are bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, exercises are often recommended to combat this problematic issue combined with a good diet. Here is what can be included in the diet to make your skin free of dimples.

A delicious way to cellulite free skin goes via the nutritious and delicious consumption of fruits. Fruits rich in water content are specifically useful in curing fat cell accumulation beneath the skin. This will hydrate skin cells and plump it up. Those rich in Vitamin C will stimulate collagen production. Antioxidants present will save the skin from oxidative damage.


Lecithin, a component present in eggs is particularly helpful in repairing cell walls and tissues. Eat them either boiled or poached instead of fried in oil, butter or margarine.

Omega 3
Consuming wrong fats can lead to a variety of problems including that of loss of skin suppleness. Some studies support use of omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon to reduce cellulite over a span of time.

There are rumors suggesting usefulness of gelatin in getting rid of cellulite. It is a good source of protein which helps in tightening loose skin. Also it is rich in dietary collagen reducing the possibility of using collagen rich creams. Moreover, it contains two extremely essential amino acids – glycine and proline. Generally people don't include it in their diet. These two are required for controlling weight and boosting immune system. So, overall it is a great component to fight your cellulite away.

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, zinc potassium and Vitamin B6. The last one is particularly helpful in controlling cellulite. It helps in two manners. First, it checks bloating due to excess water which makes cellulite more visible. Second, it strengthens and repairs connective tissue.

Cayenne pepper
Capcaisin an active ingredient of peppers are capable of boosting metabolism by 25% and this can extend up to 3 hours, after eating the wonderful veggie. A boost in metabolism can help body lose fat effectively besides removing toxins from the body and improving blood circulation. All of these properties are helpful in shedding dimples.

Apple cider vinegar
It can be added to salads or juice. Its taste makes it a useful diet component for skin related issues. It checks water retention in the body and flushes out all the toxins. It is rich is electrolytes such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. With zero fats, it surely is a great anti-cellulite food.

Herbal tea
Though all types of herbal teas are helpful but green tea has proven itself to be of paramount importance in the battle against dimpled skin. Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG present in green tea boosts one's metabolism and helps in melting away fat which forms lumps or dimples. There is also some amount of caffeine present in it which helps in driving out toxins from the body in conjunction with EGCG.

Olive oil
Only a healthy thyroid can boost metabolism, burn fat and provide energy to cells to carry out their functions. Olive oil can carry out this without making people fear about the fat content,. Olive oil contains polyphenols and precessed mono saturated fats both of which will help thyroid function at its optimum. For best results, cook olive oil at low temperatures.

Dark chocolate
Cocoa is a rich source of antioxidants. These are capable of breaking down the fat cells of cellulite and improve cell functioning. Caffeine reduces fatty lumps by dehydrating them and thus make skin smooth.

It is a low glycemic index food that enhances energy levels within a body. Though it doesn't reduce cellulite directly but being low in glucose it decreases insulin release. Remember, insulin is a fat storing hormone.

Nobody can believe that these can reduce cellulite. It increases blood circulation and suppresses hunger pangs which propel many people into unhealthy snack eating.

Eat the above and stay away from the following. These are the foods that causes cellulite:
  • Processed Food
  • Salty and fatty food
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Fast food
Lisa Fletcher is a blogger and an advocate of natural skin care. Having experienced the positive effects of natural ingredients on skin and health, she now recommends natural skin care products only.​She dedicated her career to redefining the meaning of skincare with natural skin care products.

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