5 Secrets Plastic Surgeons Tell Their Friends

There are many misconceptions when it comes to plastic surgery. We are here to reveal the secrets of plastic surgeons so that you can have the better understanding of the specific results of different surgeries.

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Liposuction myths

Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment which means that it is not a substitute for healthy diet and exercises. By having liposuction, you have the fat which cannot respond to exercises removed.

Because of health concerns, liposuction is usually done on healthy candidates who are close to their healthy weight. Liposuction does not remove cellulite or stretch marks.

During liposuction, fat is removed through tubes placed under the skin and sometimes the results after the liposuction may be worse since this fat layer is removed and the skin loses elasticity in the meantime.

Finally, age is not determining factor if you want to have this cosmetic surgery.

Smoking and plastic surgeries

If you want to undergo some kind of plastic surgery, you definitely need to stop smoking. Nicotine causes spasm of blood vessels which basically means that blood flow through blood vessels is stopped.

More specifically, nicotine causes blood vessels to decrease in their size which leads to the decrease in the blood supply. If there is not enough blood supply, there may be total or partial wound breakdown.

Your incision may take a long time to heal and it may heal with scars. Smoking can lead to pulmonary problems such as lung spasm if patients are under anaesthesia.

There are also specific health problems which are related to specific types of surgeries as well.

Breast implants does not need to be replaced every few years

It is a common misconception that breast implants need to be replaced every few years. Because of it, many women do not even consider breast augmentation since they do not want to undergo procedures every three year.

Generally speaking, breast implants can last from 10 to 20 years. According to FDA reports, only 20% of women can expect the replacement of breast implants within 10 years.

Even though most breast implants last longer than 10 years, be prepared just in case that you may need a procedure done within the first 10 years.

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You as patient do not choose the nose for rhinoplasty

Many people think that they can pick up the nose they would like to have from the catalogue and that this is the end of their consultations with their doctor.

The surgeon is the one who creates better version of your nose considering many factors the most important of which is the your overall face. This is usually done with 3D imaging system so that the patients can be sure how their nose can look like.

The realistic image of the results obtained by a plastic surgery is the key to your happiness after the surgery. Many people are not realistic in their knowledge and wishes and they are not satisfied with the results.

So, we hope we have helped you entered the world of plastic surgeries uncovering something little number of people know. Make sure you choose a professional for the surgery.

Good clinics need to have high quality medical supplies such as ones in Melbourne for example for the best results.

Tummy tuck is a major surgery

Tummy tuck is a major surgery and you need to know all facts about it. Apart from quitting smoking, you need to avoid drastic diets before the surgery.

Supplements, herbal medicines and prescription drugs may complicate the surgery so make sure you tell doctor about them if you take them. You will have pain and swelling after the surgery.

You can expect swelling to go down after first couple of weeks but it takes six to eight weeks for puffiness to be gone. You may need to leave work for a month and you will be instructed how to sit and lay because of incision.

There is a possibility that tummy tuck will leave scars which can never disappear completely.

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