5 Travel Essentials Men Must Have

Compared to women, men are inclined to pack less when traveling, and by less we mean that on a number of levels. Men tend to use fewer pieces of luggage (hint: one), pack in less clothes and things, and take much less effort in doing all of these. While this isn’t exactly a wrong practice, packing on a hit-or-miss fashion can cause you to forget items that you thought you can live without stuffing inside your travel bag. And yes, the underwear you used on the day of the trip doesn’t count as spare especially if you aren’t sure that your destination offers laundry services.
Case in point: just because a lot of men aren’t as fussy as women when packing for a trip doesn’t mean you it’s all right that you forget to bring everything you’ll need. Sometimes, all you need is a list of your travel wardrobe basics to keep tabs on things. We just did one for you. You’re welcome.

1. Trusty Travel Bag

One of the most important accessories you need to include in your jet-setting arsenal is a durable travel bag. If you frequently take short trips and don’t want to lug a suitcase around, get yourself a carry-all that is big enough to hold your things but easy to move around with. Ideally, your bag should be made of light but water-resistant material. It also should have a several divisions or pockets so that it will be easier for you to segregate your things inside.

2. Dinner Jacket

This is imperative if you’re going on a business trip, but you can still bring one if you’re expecting to dine at a fancy restaurant while on vacation. The color of your dinner jacket should depend on what time of day you’ll wear it but if you want to stay on the safe side, go for either grey or navy. Although black is a household choice, it may seem too formal for a lunch meeting. However, it should be perfect for evening affairs such as dinner and drinks.

3. A Suit
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If you’re going out of town for, say, a wedding or an executive conference, a complete set of suit should be the first few articles of clothing to land your suitcase. It is strongly recommended that your suit is tailored according to your size so that you wouldn’t have to suffer unwanted puffs. Just like the dinner jacket, your suit should also match the time of day you’re going to wear it. In addition, make sure that the color of your dress shirt matches your suit. White and black are your safest bets but you can also go for colored and printed ones as long as you strike a balance between colors and design.

4. Dress Shoes
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If you prefer to go on a trip on your sneakers or sandals but are expecting to go somewhere that requires a smart casual motif, pack a pair of dress shoes to complete your ensemble. The black ones ideal for events held at night while a brown pair is more suited for daytime events.

5. Grooming 

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You won’t be able to maximize a carefully-selected outfit if you’re going to be exceedingly unshaven. Apart from your clothes, make sure that you bring your grooming necessities such as razor, nail clippers, fully-charged toothbrush, and moisturizers for your face and body. You should also bring a stain stick to remedy unwanted blemishes on your outfit, and a pack of gloss wipes in case you got scruff marks on your shoes.
You may not be in the comforts of your own home while traveling but it shouldn’t mean that you can slack off on your wardrobe. Just remember to pack these basics and you will not fail to look and stay polished during your trip.

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Gabby Roxas is a writer and relationship marketer for Rogerdavid.com.au. She also has a background in entrepreneurship and a big fan of creative art.

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