10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week

Your hair is the highlight in your outfit. After all, studies say that a girl's hair is the first thing he notices when he looks at you. Dressing up your hair and trying a few new designs will give you the unique style you need for the big dance. For girls, there are several hairstyles available for youthful looks that are lovely and intricate. Although they look detailed in design, each is easy to perform at home before heading off with your date.

1. Knotted Braid Tieback
This style makes for a great way to keep the hair out of the face with a braid on each side of the head, as it is beautifully tied with a lovely bow or ribbon. (video link)10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-knotted-braid

2. Rope-Twisted Heart
The Rope-Twisted Heart hairstyle is fun when wanting to create a unique and playful shape in your hair. It involves a bit of parting, twisting, and braiding for a look that will stay put throughout the day. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-rope-twisted-heart

3. Perfect Love Bun
This is a modern style of a bun that looks youthful instead of old fashioned. It takes minutes to style and can even be worn with half of the hair down. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-love-bun

4. Fishtail-Accented Ponytail
To switch up the look of a boring old ponytail, opt for a hairstyle that combines both the ponytail and fishtail braid. The braid begins at the top of the head and extends down into the lower ponytail. Great style for sports girls! (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-fishtail-accent

5. Celtic Knot
This gorgeous knot can be worn in the back of the head with part of the hair pulled back or on the side of the hair to emulate a decorative hair piece. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-Celtic-Knot
6. The Alternative Braid
The Alternative Braid is a chunky fishtail style that is swept to the side for a trendy and girly look that allows the hair to have plenty of volume. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-Alter-Braid

7. Anna's Coronation Hairstyle, As Seen in Disney's Frozen
For girls who love the film Frozen and want to recreate Anna's hairstyle, this look is decorative and stylish in both the front and back for a lovely design that can be completed with a bow. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-Anna-Coro

8. Lace Braided Ponytail
Try something new with the lace braided ponytail that creates incredible symmetry out of the meshing of both a braid and ponytail. It can even be pinned up to create a lovely bun. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-Lace-braid

9. Flipped Fishtail
The Flipped Fishtail is easy to style and is a low fishtail braid that is flipped to create a fun style. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-flippedfish

10. Rope-Twisted Pinwheel Bun
Perhaps the most detailed bun hairstyle, this intricate creation makes for a modern alternative to the trendy top knot look. (video link)
10 Unique Hairstyles for the School Week-ropetwistpin

Hairstyles and Photo Credit: Cute Girls Hairstyles

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  1. The Knotted Braid Tieback and the Alternative Braid are couple of styles that I can try for. Rest looks very professional and tough to do.

    Still will check them out as well. I really love the Love bun. Thanks for sharing.


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