Don't Be Left Out! Sexy Swimwear for Him

The right swimwear can instantly transform a man into a sexier version of himself. If you are trying to find sexy swimwear for your guy, here are some tips that you can remember.

Fit Matters Most
If your guy doesn't feel comfortable with the fit of a pair of swim trunks, then he likely won't feel confident wearing them in public. Make sure that whatever swimsuit you purchase for a guy makes him feel great. Just because you think he looks great may not mean that he feels great in the swimsuit. There are many styles out there, it's best to let him choose the fit, so he can be comfortable.

Browse Celebrity Photos
One way to get your guy more interested in shopping for swimsuits is to expose him to a variety of photos featuring male celebs wearing swimsuits. While he may think the exercise is ridiculous at first, it can be a great way for him to pick out a swimsuit style that he likes. He may see one of his favorite celebs wearing a certain style of swimsuit and want to replicate that fit into his personal style for the season.

Sexy Bikini Brief
For the more adventurous guy, you may even want to splurge on a bikini brief style for him. Even if he has never worn bikini briefs, you can still buy them just to test them out and see how he looks. If he's in great shape, he may enjoy wearing bikini briefs and feel awesome in them. It's a great way to parade your man's cut body at the pool, making him the envy of every guy there. High-quality bikini briefs last for many years, and may be so comfortable in fact that your man may love them so much that he wears them on a regular basis.

Vintage Trunk

Everyone knows that vintage is the new trend in fashion. Its easy to express your individual style and keep a classic look. Anything vintage has become a favorite in both celebrity and civilian styles; there is a fit for every guy. A favorite fit for this summer is the vintage trunk. The fit is a high rise, slightly tighter than regular knee length trunks and the hem rests mid to upper thigh. Another benefit of purchasing men's sexy swimwear, is that a guy can enjoy minimal tan lines and still rock his look.

Classic Swim Trunk
The most popular style of swimwear for men is the classic swim trunk. This style is to the knee, low rise, and usually has a style similar to a cargo pant featuring pockets. These trunks are patterned with plaid, stripes, or “beach” styles, featuring palm trees and bright colors. You can find classic fit trunks at any clothing retailer.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you make your guy look his best, and be the envy of everyone. With Summer headed your way soon, its wise to get your swimming gear early to avoid the hottest brands being sold out. Check out all of the swimwear options on the market to find the sexiest style for your guy.

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