Best Tips for Breaking Through in Cosmetology

Dressing up and applying makeup is fun for many young girls, but some women never grow tired of painting nails, styling hair and curling eyelashes. If you like making others feel beautiful and enjoy creating different looks, you could have a future in cosmetology. Those who have just finished beauty school, are looking for a new workplace, or do not know where to begin can use these tips for breaking through in the cosmetology industry.
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No Beauty School Dropouts
Gifted and experienced stylists can have trouble competing against similar artists who have a degree. Many salons and spas want people who have had proper training and cannot hire people who lack state licenses, so finding work is easier if you complete beauty school. This gives you the chance to hone your skills, learn new aspects of the cosmetology world and have a variety of career options after graduation. Most programs have flexible scheduling, and some schools help you find a job after graduation.

Jack Of All Trades
Beauty school prepares you for a variety of tasks, but you will need to be multifaceted even if you do not have formal training. Most estheticians know enough to provide manicures, haircuts, eyebrow waxes, makeovers and skincare remedies even if they have a particular specialty. Every talent you have makes you more versatile and marketable.

Picture Perfect
A great portfolio will help you get hired at any stage in your career. Offer discounts during downtime and style your friends for free in exchange for getting a few snapshots of the finished product. Make sure you have plenty of options so you can choose your best work. Switch out the pictures according to the season and current styles.

Keep Learning
Even experienced cosmetologists have trouble advancing their careers if they do not learn new skills. It is important to stay updated about the latest products, new technology and current trends. Current stylists can improve themselves by taking classes at beauty supply stores, attending hair shows and watching videos about techniques. Some makeup products and hair extensions like the natural pieces from SO.CAP. USA are only available for stylists who have completed training about the brand. Being authorized to use exclusive products gives you an edge over other stylists.

The cosmetology industry is competitive, but there are many opportunities available. You can break into the industry if you have training, multiple skills, a great portfolio and you continuously look for new opportunities to improve.

Information Source: PJ's College of Cosmetology

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