Exercise regularly for better vision

Regular exercise has enormous health benefits and it's great for your mind as well as it improves your mood and memory. It improves the overall stamina and strength, improves blood circulation, helps reduce stress and tension and provides a better quality of life.  Some mentionable health benefits of exercise include reduced risk of heart diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, some cancers etc.  Thus it's the key to the prevention of numerous illnesses and in the maintenance of a fit and agile body.Studies have found that elderly people who indulge in regular exercise have improved immune systems, good bone density, improved flexibility of joints, decreased blood pressure, better heart health, improved metabolism, better quality of sleep and a lower risk of dreaded diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.

walking By the way, did you know exercise can even even help improve your hearing? Read this post for more. Not only does exercise improve hearing, if these studies are to be believed, it promotes improved eye-health. Exercise might reduce the risk of macular degeneration, which occurs when neurons in the central part of the retina deteriorate. Exercise also increases the levels of substances known as growth factors in the animals’ bloodstream and brains. These growth factors, especially one called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or B.D.N.F., are known to contribute to the health and well-being of neurons and consequently, it is thought, to improvements in brain health and cognition after regular exercise. But the brain is not the only body part to contain neurons; the retina does as well. So the researchers at at Emory University in Atlanta conducted a study on mice and came to the conclusion that 'exercise protects vision, at least in mice, by increasing B.D.N.F. in the retina.'

 better vision

Now  it's not clear whether something that works works for mice's vision will work for human beings too! And while it's true that more experiments and studies are necessary to know the impact of exercise on human eyes, it's quite likely that regular exercise does help improve vision in humans as well. At least, that's what I feel!

While Western medicine practitioners may disapprove of the effectiveness of eye exercises and their kind, naturopaths and yoga therapists swear by their benefits. Anyhow, there's absolutely no harm if you inculcate these habits for better eye health or practise eye yoga or Simhamudra. And a routine to maintain good eye-health is a must these days as our eyes are aging far more quicker as compared to the other organs of our body. And although I'm not aware of any studies conducted, there is hearsay evidence that regular practice of Pranayamas (breathing techniques) such as Anulom Vilom and Bhramari that apparently improve the oxygen intake, can improve vision.

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  1. Shivram3:16 PM

    Relaxation in the mind is the key for good vision throughout the day, everyday.

  2. Santosh3:18 PM

    Get plenty of excercise.
    Try to eat a colorful nourishing healthy diet.
    You might also try dancing chanting and drum beating.
    Prayer has been known to help.
    Try accupuncture.

  3. Kamala3:22 PM

    Eye exercises can definitely improve vision
    Blueberries are among the best things to include in your diet for this purpose.

  4. Deepak3:23 PM

    it is imporant to take visual breaks when doing lots of work up close or on the computer. It's comparable to if you held your hands in tightly clenched fists for a long period of time. After a while you would have trouble opening back up your hands. It works essentially the same for your eye muscles, they get locked into looking at the close object. Hope this helped!


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