Riya Sen's beauty, health and fitness secrets

Pretty Bollywood film actress, Kollywood (Bengali) actress and former model Riya Sen, who first shot to fame with Phalguni Pathak's music video (Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi), is an absolute enchantress.

Here this sensuous, dazzling Bengali  beauty shares her beauty, fitness and diet secrets.

Riya Sen

Riya Sen's beauty, hair  and skin care regimen:

I always make it a point to remove my makeup before going to sleep. I swear by Shu uemura Skin Purifier (Japanese product), a cleansing oil that removes all traces of make-up quite effectively.  Sometimes I also use Neutrogena deep cleanser and La Mer Skin Exfoliant.

I don't have major skin problems. Even while I was a teenager, I didn't have to deal with nasty pimples, acne or spots.Now that I am in my 20's, I do give my skin a little TLC.  Sunscreen is a must or me, I never step out in the sun without La Mer sunscreen. I use Guerlain Cleansing Milk for my face and Issima Midnight Secret which is a great product !

Excessive makeup, sometimes makes me break into a rash. For that I use a  face pack of fuller's earth (multani mitti) and I swear by this face pack. I also mix sugar granules with my moisturizer (La Mer moisturizing cream) to gently exfoliate my skin. One should take Omega-3 capsules for healthy skin.

I oil my hair regularly with different oils per week. I use olive oil, almond oil, castor oil or coconut oil in turns. As for conditioners, I use John Freeda.

Riya Sen's Diet:

I'm a complete foodie and love yummy Thai dishes. My mantra is "Starvation never leads to Nirvana!". Honestly, I eat everything and though I love junk food as well, I am more into controlled eating and don't overindulge. I eat only when I'm hungry and  prefer to eat several small meals during the day. And I do drink lots of water; it cleanses my system and keeps my skin glowing.

Riya Sen's fitness regime:

I am not too obsessed with fitness. Thankfully, I've been blessed with good genes and my metabolism is such that I do not put on weight easily. However, this does not mean that I totally neglect fitness. On the contrary, I do sweat it out in the gym from time to time or whenever I binge. I also do weight bearing and stretching exercises. Besides, I also love to swim, do yoga and attend dance classes.

Riya's idea of relaxing after a hectic day:

I'm a total home-bird, quite contrary to my image of being a wild party animal.  A good night's sleep relaxes me and does a world of good to my skin and health. Reading, watching movies, yoga and cooking new diet recipes are great stress-busters for me.


Riya can't live without:

A  pair of jeans and a tee. I swear by them.

What does Riya prefer: Tattoo or Body piercing?

Definitely a tattoo! Piercing is way too painful... I am not ready to endure physical pain for any sort of gain.

Riya's fashion motto:

Be  yourself. Don't be a fashion victim. Wear what suits you and your age.

Riya in a nutshell:

A tough nut in a soft shell. :)

Final Thoughts

So what do you think of Riya Sen's beauty and fitness regimen? Would you like to follow some of her tips?
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  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Riya said Did you know that stress causes many problems. It causes you to feel sick and become sick. Sometimes it can even make you sicker then you would expect. There are ways to rid stress and although massage therapy and yoga are well and good, this can be more then a spiritual or even skin deep problem.

  2. unknown9:31 AM

    She also said
    Maintaining a healthy diet can sometimes be difficult for a woman in the working world. With all of the fast food restaurants and virtually no time to exercise. Not to mention the level of stress. Maybe taking fresh fruit and water to work will eliminate some of the stress simply because you are changing your diet. It can happen.

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Riya said For a healthier option, try to avoid adding butter, rich sauces or lots of oil to vegetables, because this will make them much higher in fat. And don't forget that we should aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg each day. A portion is roughly three heaped tablespoons of vegetables. It's better to eat as wide a variety of fruit and veg as you can, because this helps you get a range of nutrients. So try out some different root vegetables today!

  4. unknown9:57 AM

    It is her opinion that Taking part in sport or just getting physically active will help you burn off excess calories and maintain your body weight. It will also help reduce your risk of many diseases, such as heart disease.

  5. Radhika3:13 PM

    Riya Sen applies a peachy bronze lipstick or gloss, such as MAC Plushglass in Big Kiss

  6. Ranjita3:15 PM

    For eyes: she Use a light, shimmery silver shadow, such as MAC Shadow in
    Cheeks: Lightly dust a peachy blush on the cheeks. NARS Torrid works well on darker skin tones.

  7. Urmila9:45 AM

    Diet: A controlled diet is a must. After doing a workout, one should not end up eating 55 parathas with butter.

  8. If life was cricket then Riya Sen has fine legs.

  9. Nadish9:51 AM

    Riya Sen definitely has one of the most kissable lips.

  10. Bhavya10:49 AM

    Happiness prevents you ageing as quick.

  11. Amruta2:19 PM

    I believe that makes a huge difference -- keeping away negativity from your life. It’s a bit spiritual but it’s true!"


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