Budget Beauty: Make your shampoo last longer and a detangle trick

Make your shampoo last longer
woman pouring shampoowoman washing hair To make shampoo last longer, keep a smaller sized, empty, shampoo bottle in the bathroom, right next to the shampoo you are currently using. When you are ready to wash your hair, put a dime size of shampoo into the empty bottle and then add some water and shake it lightly. Now the resulting solution is much easier to use on your hair and offers more lather and also uses less shampoo. Remember to clean the bottle later on.

DIY Detangling product
tangled hair
If your hair tangles a lot, instead of investing in expensive detangling products, prepare your own DIY detangler. Take one part conditioner and mix with 10 parts of water. Store in a spray bottle. Every time you have a tangled problem, simply spray some on the strands and comb away.
(Guest Post by Smitha)
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  1. Budget beauty secrets! I love them. Plus, thank you!!

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Another tip-Buy cold-pressed sesame oil from the grocery store or health food store. Add a few drops of your essential oil to the bottle and warm it in a sink full of hot water or just leave it on the floor of the tub while you’re showering or taking a bath. Sesame oil penetrates the skin easily and has benefits like stress relief, increased immune function and it can even relieve muscle soreness and pain. Plus it’s full of antioxidants to keep your skin looking young.

  3. unknown6:43 PM

    One more tip---Epsom salts make great bath salts. They stimulate feel-good seratonin, and contain magnesium that can lower blood pressure and sulfates to alleviate headaches and flush toxins from your body when absorbed through your skin. They’re also a great muscle relaxer so use these in your bath after after a hard workout to help relieve soreness. Add two cups of epsom salts and 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil for a great soak.


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