Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion:Review

Vaseline Intensive Care-Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion, with Vitamin E, 10 oz

Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion, with Vitamin E, 10 oz

Vaseline Intensive care - Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion seems to be a good product. I’ve used it and it has certainly worked to my advantage. Especially in winter when my skin becomes a bit rough and dry, I need to apply a good hand and body lotion several times a day and this came in handy. Though it’s a little sticky, it does get soaked into the skin fully. Mildly scented and enriched with vitamins E & A and other essential minerals it nourishes dry skin on hands and legs considerably well, leaving it smooth and silky. You can see the effects within 4-5 days of application; just move your hand over your skin and you can feel that smoothness instantly. Ideal for dry skin and in winter.

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  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    It is totally fine to use it on your face, But not too much because it may clog your pores.

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Great and very interesting blog!
    Thanks .

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Thanks for you positive comments and glad you are finding this blog valuable.


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