Spring water that imparts youthfulness

From ancient times water has been called as an ‘elixir of life’ and not without reason. It has been found that drinking water helps. Not only does it cure hosts of diseases but waters from certain springs are believed to have astounding powers ranging from anti-ageing effects to curing several skin diseases. Now when everyone seems to be in pursuit of the eternal fountain of youth, this topic has gained enough relevance and several researches are being conducted to test the potency of these ‘miraculous spring waters’.

A recent research has found that that the pure waters of the Pannanich Wells in north-east Scotland could help hold back the hands of time. Experiments conducted by scientists show that the spring water, bottled and sold as Deeside Water, mops-up dangerous molecules that have been linked to ageing as well as a host of diseases. The water was also found to beat other brands in hydrating the skin, making it appear more youthful and smoothing away wrinkles. If that were not enough, previous studies have credited the water with easing the pain of arthritis and thwarting the growth of cancerous cells. This spring water reportedly found favour with Queen Victoria, a great beauty of her time. The youthful looks of the current Queen is also attributed to this water.

Madonna-secret of her gorgeous looks

Kabbalah Water-secret of Madonna's looks?

Talking of celebrity fads, Madonna, for instance, has developed a pricey habit of drinking only specially blessed Kabbalah water. Apparently, it costs about $5 per bottle and it is rumoured that Madonna spends $10,000 per month on this water alone; in fact, she ships cartons of it to wherever she is staying. She is 50 but still looks stunning; perhaps Kabbalah water is one of the chief contributors to her gorgeous looks.

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