Healthy Vegetable juices

vegetablesGulping down vegetable juices is also a great way to quench your thirst and cleanse your system not only in summer but in other seasons as well. They are packed with nutrients and minerals. In fact, a glass of your favorite vegetable juice everyday will prevent any breakouts if you have an acne-prone skin and rejuvenate it to reveal a sparking and glowing complexion. Vegetable juices can be very filling; so have them before meals.

You might even try a vegetable juice fast by giving up food for a few days and leaving on vegetable juices alone to detoxify

Carrot juice

2 grated carrots
1 tbsp of lemon juice
Blend and chill.

Spinach juice


100 gms spinach
1 tbsp tomato juice
1 tbsp of carrot juice


Beetroot juice

4 oz beetroot
4 oz grated carrot
3 tbsp orange juice
450 ml water

Blend well

Or alternatively you may try 4 oz beetroot diluted with water.

Carrot juice


1 carrot
1 stick celery
1 tbsp yoghurt
1 tsp vinegar
150 ml water

Blend and add water to taste.

Onion juice


3 onions
1 ½ tbsp carrot juice
3 onions
1 ½ tbsp spinach juice

Blend and strain.

Mixed Vegetable juicetomato juice


1 tomato
1 tbsp parsley
2 sticks celery
5-6 lettuce leaves
1 tbsp vinegar
Black pepper (optional)
150 ml water.

Blend well.

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  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    enjoyed your post and recipesCongrats on your work. Wishing all the best for more to come.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM


  3. Anonymous11:22 PM

    That’s awesome. I love all your recipes for vegetable juices. :)

  4. Ramadev3:21 PM

    I juiced a few grapes along with the wheat grass and kale and it is actually quite tasty! Don’t know whether the food combining is sensible, but so far I can take it better than just pure wheat grass juice

  5. Jagadish10:00 AM

    Eat at least servings of a fruit or veggie at every meal to stay fit.

  6. Health Expert9:00 AM

    Intake of vegetables being low among children these days, juice can be an interesting way to increase the vegetable consumption among children. Having a bowl of juice when you’re just back home makes you feel refreshed and alive. More importantly, they keep your family going till dinner, and do not kill their appetite for diner… what a change from the heavy, oily snacks that most of us consume in the evening!

  7. Shivakumar Guruji9:15 AM

    Raw Food Diet Benefits – Mental Clarity, Increased Energy, Inner Peace, Eternal Youth, Effortless Weight Loss / Maintenance, No More Cravings.


  8. Nakul9:28 AM

    Wow, what a coincidence, I have started flirting with raw food, veg drinks one year ago, too. Some of the benefits were obvious to me (weight-loss in particular, getting rid of cravings and increased energy)

  9. Mranalini10:00 AM

    Vegetable juice is every bit as nutritious as fruit juice but with about half the calories. Most vegetable juices are also rich in fiber which can help make you feel full and in turn eat less.

  10. Sumati9:52 AM

    Aside from vitamins and minerals that are present in fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, fiber, enzymes and rare forms of protein are found in them. Having this diet also supplies your body with potent Vitamin C, which is best in protecting the cells from viruses.

  11. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Excellent healthy choices from the juice of vegetables include the dark green leafy varieties that are rich in carotenoid and cruciferous phytonutrients. These include spinach, kale, Swiss chard and romaine lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cauliflower and cabbage. Other particularly healthy choices are tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, beans, garlic and onions.

  12. Niranjan2:11 PM

    If I drink the juices made out of 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, few coriander leaves, mint, celery and half a tomatoes everyday will my hair and skin get better

  13. Sharukh9:54 AM

    Include the stems and leaves of vegetables because they have a high vitamin and mineral content.

  14. Diana9:15 AM

    The worst there is a juice, some of juices i bought were like poison, filled with sugars, colorants etc…be careful

  15. Stacy9:15 AM

    most commercial fruit and vegetable juices are loaded with preservatives, coloring, sugar, and other chemicals. It’s better to make your own.

  16. Soundarya9:38 AM

    Gourds, balsam pear, endive, taro shoots, bamboo shoots, and hearts of palm all rank very high in zinc. Raw is more nutritious than cooked.

  17. Swapnil9:56 AM

    The leaf is the factory of the plant, where everything needed by the plant is manufactured. GLV are comparatively cheap and have to be eaten fresh. Their chlorophyll content protects the body against cancer and neutralises toxins. Thanks to the chlorophyll, GLV have the capacity to convert the pure energy of sunlight into vegetable matter. When we consume the green vegetable matter, this solar energy is released into our own systems. Leafy vegetables thus serve as transformers and storehouses for revitalising solar energy

  18. Dr.Kanakreddy9:42 AM

    juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help you remove toxins from your body, aid digestion, and help you lose weight.

  19. Shounak9:45 AM

    Note that juices from some fruits and vegetables can contain more sugar than you might realize, and this can add unwanted calories and lead to weight gain.

  20. Bharat8:36 AM

    leafy greens retains memory best. The more you eat of these vegetables, the better!

  21. Mukund10:28 AM

    Carrots have vitamin A and are very good for the eyes. They are one of the richest source of beta carotene. Carrot juice if taken in the morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial. It develops immunity. Prevents premature aging. It has anti-cancer properties.

  22. Expert9:28 AM

    Vegetable juicing is critical to good health because it is an important source of raw food.
    juicing is an excellent way to make certain you receive large quantities of such raw foods.

  23. Mahesh9:28 AM

    Vegetable juice does not raise insulin levels like fruit juice

  24. Rajeev9:29 AM

    Celery + fennel + cucumbers is a good combination that is easily tolerated by those just starting out with juicing.

  25. Nayantara9:34 AM

    Green LEAFY vegetables are the best to use in your vegetable juicing program. All green leafy vegetables work well

  26. Bhumika9:39 AM

    The juice of leafy greens is rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. Add an extra kick with a knob of ginger or squeeze of lemon or lime.

  27. juicing helps to speed up your recovery from an illness

  28. Mandira2:50 PM

    JUICING is the Only way to get the Vitamins and Help your body needs. Start out slowly and continually use is Beneficial and Life saving.....


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