Quarterly Roundup of best posts

A list of best posts from the past three months (January-March 2008). Enjoy!


My winter skin and hair care routine

Ease razor bumps with this terrific cucumber-yoghurt soother

12 beauty uses of baking soda

When you run out of hair styling cream

Pore shrinking mask recipes from home

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion: Review

Mint-sugar sole softener

Coconut oil for beauty

Alternative uses of lipgloss

Homemade Anti-wrinkle face masks

Cover your gray with touch-up sticks

Terrific soothers for your feet

4 temporary fixes for your problems

The bizarre snake-spa of Israel


Home Remedies for nose bleed

Vicks VapoRub for nail fungus

Black pepper may cure vitiligo

Healing powers of French clay and its cosmetic uses

Mehendi (henna) tattoos and allergy

Why scratching an itch provides relief and home remedies to relieve itching

Swimming in over-chlorinated pools can have adverse effects on your skin, hair and teeth

Blue eyed people may have a common ancestor

Can a shampoo session at a beauty salon trigger strokes in the elderly?

Dry eyes troubling you?

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