Can laser hair removal scar you for life?

If you are thinking of going in for laser hair removal to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently, be aware of the pros and cons of the treatment as well as the risks involved. Lasers can be extremely dangerous in wrong hands. Getting a laser treatment at an unlicensed clinic and under people with no medical training can be very risky. Two women Paula, an investment banker from London and Sinem Morgan, a software manager from London were left with second-degree burns, blisters and excruciating pain after undergoing a few such sittings at a laser clinic.

Some skins are just not suitable for lasers. If used on the wrong type of skin, lasers can cause serious burns and lasting pigment damage. They can also damage the eyes and cause blindness. Lured by eye-catching advertisements that promise a permanent hair-removal, people flock to such unscrupulous clinics only to be return dissatisfied with the results not to mention the exorbitant expenses involved. In most cases, the hair removal is not permanent, but this is never made clear to patients.
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  1. Anonymous1:31 AM

    I imagined all types of scenarios involving lasers that I thought would burn me and cause great amounts of pain. I thought I could be scarred for life! I was really not surprised to find out that many women believe the same things I did but it's not true. Laser hair removal feels very similar to a small sting with a rubber band and that's in sensitive areas too.

    The day I went for my appointment I truly didn't know what to expect but after talking the procedure over I felt a lot better. I realized that I had really been stressing over nothing. Laser hair removal has become so common, it's really as routine as any other appointment from getting my hair done to visiting my family physician. The benefits of laser hair removal far outweighed any of the fears I had and I personally can't recommend it enough.

    I believe everyone is a little nervous on his or her initial visit but if you have any questions, the doctor usually answers all of them up front because mine actually gave sort of an orientation that covered everything in about twenty minutes. When he finished he asked, any questions? He answered them all!

    Then the day for my first treatment arrived, I was still nervous despite everything I knew about the procedure. I had chosen a topical cream for any possible pain and was told that sometimes people say they experience warmth from the treated areas, I didn't feel anything at all. My first treatment took about an hour from the time I walked into the office to the time I left. The nurse washed and prepared my skin for the laser hair removal in about ten minutes. The topical cream is said to be used an hour before the appointment and the area was feeling a little numb, by the time the doctor began the procedure I was shocked. I felt no pain, none whatsoever.

    I could tell the laser hair removal was working though throughout the treatment because I could actually smell it. It resembles a sulfur like smell but it's not unpleasant at all-especially when you can't wait to get rid of all that hair!

  2. My youngest sister has been having laser treatments for about 2-3 years now, and still going. About 6 months ago, she had a very bad burn in her bikini area, which she blamed on the new girl working at this Midland, Tx doctor's spa clinic. My oldest sister informed me today, 3-4-9, that when youngest sister pulled up today, and we both ran to her car, she covered up the horrid burn on her leg from 3 days ago so that I couldn't see it, because I threw such a fit over the last one. It is a deep, pitted burn oozing pus. I had commented earlier today to my oldest sister (we work together for my youngest sisters husband) that every time I called her, morning, afternoon or evening, she always seemed to be taking a bath. That's what she has to do to keep the infection washed out. From what I understand, this one is on the inside of her upper leg, close to the last burn. I've searched for hours on the internet trying to find other severe burns to find out results, but everything keeps saying it is rare. This is twice on my sister. 432-557-9841 cell

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Unwanted hair that potentially has profound effects on psychological well-being is an exceedingly common concern for men and women.


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