How to prevent ingrown toe-nails

An ingrown toenail digs into the surrounding skin, cuts into the flesh causing pain, swelling and inflammation. The big toe is nearly always affected, and trouble may arise when the soft tissue becomes infected. The most common cause is a toe nail cut too short and curved at the corner, tight shoes pressing on the growing nail, and hot, sweaty feet.

Clip your nails straight acrossTo prevent one from occurring

* Cut nails straight across using sharp nail-scissors or clippers.

* Avoid cutting them too short.

* Do not trim the nail deeper than the tip of the toe.

* Never pick at nails – cut them.

* Regularly clean under the nail with an orange stick.

* Wear properly fitting shoes and immediately change socks when they become hot and sweaty.

* If you tend to have ingrown toe-nails, relieve the pressure and bathe the toe with salted water when the area becomes red or painful. To lessen the pain and prevent possible infection, dip a cotton bud in antibiotic ointment and push it under the nail edge. Wear open or loose fitting shoes for some time.

* If your toe looks red and swollen, and is discharging pus, seek medical help preferably from a podiatrist.

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  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    put some Neosporin on it and make an appointment with a Podiatrist!

  2. Satyandra3:00 PM

    Clipping of the toenails is the best option of prevention. Take care for long-term period.One should only wear well-fitting footwear. Always keep the feet clean from dirt and dust and try to dry them. Never pick at the nails or tear the toenails from corners. Avoid strenuous or running activities.

  3. For ingrown toe nails some people cut a 'V' in the top of the nail. I just take a rough emory board file and file some of the top off. You could soak it first then file, and after that put some oil on it to soften it up, mineral, castor, or veg. oils work. Hope you can get it to settle down before your vacation. When I get these and do this to them, it's usually alot better by the next day.

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Toe nail fungal infection are caused primarily due to fungal infection of the nails of the toe. The fungal infections cause thickening of the nails. If not treated the fungal infection can spread to other nails and there is always a chance of secondary infection by bacteria. Apple cider vinegar is a very good bactericidal and fungicidal agent. Regular use of Apple cider vinegar can resolve the fungal infection and prevent its relapse.
    How To Take: Soak your toenails for 15 - 20 minutes in basin full of warm water and natural apple cider vinegar mixed in equal proportion. When done, dry your toenails thoroughly.the treatment should be repeated for at least three months for complete resolution of toe nail fungal infections.

  5. unknown9:25 AM

    Home surgery for ingrown toenails isn't such a good idea. However, done is done. Ingrown toenails are due to two causes, usually both done at the same time. You have cut the toenails too short, and your shoes are either too small in size or too narrow in the toecap. Your toenail should never be shorter than the end of the toe itself. If you place a finger on the end of the toe, you should be able to feel the leading edge of the nail. So for starters, you will need to let the toenail grow out. Cutting the side of the nail will not help, because pressure on the nail itself is still going to be pushed out to the sides and ends of the nail. Cutting it left a "dagger" of sorts on the one side. When there is enough nail grown out to allow it, cut a "v" shaped notch dead center of the nail. That takes pressure off the sides and will help keep that edge lifted out of the skin. Now, check your shoes. If your toecap isn't wide enough to let you wiggle your piggies slightly apart inside the shoe, the toecap is too narrow. If the ends of any toes touch the shoe at the top, it's too small. You also need to be sure you are not pulling the sock on so tight as well, and that the piggies always have breathing and moving room. Cut the toenails even with the end of the toe, and straight across- never on a curve or at an angle. Any shoes which don't fit properly need to be replaced, as well, and never worn again. Cut correctly to the right length, and wear properly fitted shoes. That will eliminate future ingrown toenails in the majority of cases. Should you get another one, instead of cutting the nail so short, cut the v-shaped notch, and let it grow out on it's own. And recheck your shoes.

  6. Basant9:30 AM

    Torn off toenail care?

  7. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Don't ignore toenails that are green/black/discoloured or crumbly/thickened and warped beyond recognition - because it's usually a sign of a fungal nail infection. If not treated, toenail fungus infections can spread to other nails and even cause damage to the toe bones.

  8. Epsom Salts and Neosporin is the way to go. I lost a toenail and had a wound as a child. My great-grandmother made me sit with my foot in a bucket of warm water with Epsom salt. I remember her putting Neosporin on it after the toe had dried out (after the Epsom Salt bath). If it gets pus or red streaks or hot, call the doctor's office.

  9. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Treating toenail fungus is difficult because it is generally a recurring condition. There are a wide variety of over-the-counter anti-fungal creams available, but some can be overly harsh and rid the body of the ‘good’ bacteria needed for systemic balance thus increasing vulnerability to fungal infections in the future.

    Your health practitioner or podiatrist may prescribe oral anti-fungal medication to stop the infection. While these medications may work in the short-term, they may also rid the body of intestinal flora and bacteria that are beneficial to the body, creating further problems.

    Herbal and homeopathic remedies can be a gentle alternative to effectively treat nail fungal infections. Melaleuca laterifolia, also known as Tea Tree Oil has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and healing properties. The essential oil of sweet-smelling Lavendula officinalis (Lavender) may also be used as it contains active ingredients to soothe the nail, while promoting healthy nail growth.

    There are also herbs which can be taken internally for their anti-fungal and immune boosting properties. These include Pau d’Arco and Calendula officinalis.
    Together, these herbal remedies when used topically & in conjunction (like in a herbal formula) can:
    - Treat fungal infections of the nail
    - Treat flakiness and discoloration of the nail
    - Encourage healing and healthy nail growth
    - Prevent recurrence of nail infections
    - Treat pain, discomfort and redness around the nail
    - Support the body's natural ability to maintain balance of systemic Candida (yeast) levels
    - Maintain balance pH levels in the body
    - Support healthy balance of probiotic flora in the digestive tract
    - Maintain healthy digestion and metabolism

  10. Anonymous9:20 AM

    soak it numerous times thru out the day in warm water with Epsom salts in it. That will bring infection to surface and hopefully out. Put neosporin on it and a bandaid, hopefully that will help. Don't pick at it or try to cut it any more. If that doesn't help, see a doctor.

  11. Aravind10:02 AM

    Until the fungus is cured, first of all wear open shoes and also try to keep the nails dry. Application of home based ingredients like vinegar and apple cider helps to cure and control the fungus.

  12. I wish I had read this blog before...who knew you had to cut your toe-nails a certain way? Post-op I guess I do! Don't worry, I will now be the MOST CAREFUL person EVER...and for everyone else, you should too! B/c the pain KILLS after this surgery!


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