Does contact lens prevent your myopia from getting worse?

Near sighted (myopic) youngsters often go in for contact lenses mostly for aesthetic reasons. ‘Glasses aren’t cool. They make you look old.’ is the catchphrase which they believe in. So far so good… But don’t get carried away by this myth which is currently doing the rounds.

Contact lenses can prevent nearsightedness (myopia) from getting worse.
wearing glassesWearing glasses makes you completely dependent on them and with your spectacle power increasing almost every year; you will have to keep changing for a stronger pair each time.
contact lens
But if you shift to contact lenses the power will stabilize and you will eventually be cured of near sightedness so that you won’t have to depend on either contact lenses or glasses.

The truth according to this article:
There is no evidence that wearing contact lenses produces a permanent improvement in vision or prevents nearsightedness from getting worse.

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  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Myopia is a vision defect commonly known as nearsightedness. Those with myopia can see clearly up to a certain distance, then objects begin to appear fuzzy or out of focus. Distant road signs or chalkboards are often too blurry to read, which can lead to serious problems if the myopia is left uncorrected. In recent years, laser-based corrective surgery has become a popular option for myopia sufferers. A trained eye doctor will anesthetize the patient's eyes and use a laser to remove excess corneal material. The flattened eyeball should be shortened enough to allow normal focus to occur. Long term effects of this type of surgery are still unknown, but most people who undergo the procedure report improved vision without the need for corrective lenses.


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