September 2, 2006

How mature are you-Part 2

This post is a continuation of How mature are you-Part 1
Chronological Maturity:
You can count exactly how old you are in the form of years, months and days. Every year you will be one year older than what you are now. If you are two years older than your brother, you will continue to be two years older to him for the whole life. The chronological order does not change. You cannot hurry it up or slow it down.

However, chronological maturity is important in some respects e.g. getting the right to vote, inheriting property, obtaining driving license, getting married, opening a saving account in the post office or a bank.

Physical Maturity:
A person is said to gain physical maturity when he/she has obtained his full height, weight and strength. If one keeps on gaining stature year after year, one is said to be growing and cannot be called a physically mature person. As soon as one stops growing taller and filling out in body one is close to maturity. The person becomes strong enough to do an adult’s work without feeling tired. The glands too begin to function like those of the adults.

There are higher expectations from physically well developed boys and girls than their smaller counterparts. Sports, games, outings, jobs and even relationships within the family and outside depends to a certain extent on how physically well developed you are. Proper nutrition and physical exercises can help, but cannot altogether change the pattern of physical growth. There are other phases of maturity which are also equally important.
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  1. Prajna3:38 PM

    Being mature is taking responsibility for yourself,your life and your actions. It is acting your age and not repeating past mistakes but rather taking those mistakes as lessons and learning from them. It's about making responsible choices and not doing things without thinking through the consequences and how it will effect the rest of your life. Not worrying about what others think but standing by what you believe in.Life isn't a big party that you can just wing your way through and being mature is knowing that you have to work for what you want and going after what you want to achieve in life

  2. Kumud4:20 PM

    Maturity to me, means taking responsibility for yourself and being able to make rational decisions. Yes, I believe I am mature now, but I was definitely the opposite of those 2 I mentioned for a long time.

  3. Roopa9:20 AM

    Mature...I often wonder this myself in compassion to my peers. And ultimately I have come to the conclusion that my maturity level is controlled by the situation and my experience level with that type of situation.
    So in some cases I am the wise old woman others seek for advice...then the flip side is also true sometimes I walk into a situation where I am caught off guard and the survival skills kick, and honestly sometimes it is not a pretty picture...


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