August 26, 2006

How mature are you – part 1

‘You are immature’; ‘Anger is a sign of immaturity’. The word ‘maturity’ is loosely used by all and sundry. But what exactly does it mean? Is maturity just a process of ageing or growing up?
Growing mature is a lifelong process. At no stage can anyone stand up and say that he is fully mature. Growth and development goes on as long as the person tries to improve. Maturity is indicative of one’s readiness to share adult experiences, privileges and responsibilities.

Your celebration of birthday in a way marks a step towards maturity but it does not mean that you are really mature. There are different aspects of maturity.
1) Chronological (number of birthdays you have celebrated)
2) Physical (proper growth of your body)
3) Intellectual (how mature your thinking is)
4) Emotional (feelings and how they are expressed)
5) Social (relationships with other people)
6) Philosophical (Beliefs, ideals, purposes, morality and values.
To be contd…
Category: Personality Grooming
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  1. Nakul4:31 PM

    Mature...I often wonder this myself in compassion to my peers. And ultimately I have come to the conclusion that my maturity level is controlled by the situation and my experience level with that type of situation.
    So in some cases I am the wise old woman others seek for advice...then the flip side is also true sometimes I walk into a situation where I am caught off guard and the survival skills kick, and honestly sometimes it is not a pretty picture..

  2. I am tremendously immature and I really miss the sixth grade behavior that amused me so much. I like to laugh, I like crude jokes, I spend money on fun things. On the other hand-- I own a large tract of land, maintain it please the neighbors. I pay my taxes, don't rob banks or kill people without good reason. I can act in immature fashion but I still get a mature job done.


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