5 Beneficial Ways to Detox Your Life

We’ve all been in the same boat when it comes to how overwhelming life has been recently. After all, it’s only human to feel anxious given the pandemic and the other daily stresses we face. So, how do we lessen the effects from the world around us? One way is to look at the negative energies in our lives and start to remove them in order to improve our quality of life. It’s not just the toxins we put into our bodies or the air we breathe, but sometimes, we need to detox the negative aspects in our lives too. By following some simple detoxifying tips, we can restore the balance of our emotional well-being to lead a happy life, and here’s some ideas to get your started.

Eliminate body toxins

Toxins in our everyday lives are almost impossible for us to avoid. If you’re not already aware, start by taking a look at the food you eat, the cleaning products you use and even the beauty products we put on our skin. You can combat these things by making improvements to your diet to go more organic and healthy as opposed to ordering fast food; buying eco-cleaning products, or even making your own; and start investing in animal-free beauty products that have less harmful ingredients. According to the San Diego detox company, Villakalima, “a clean diet also helps to detox from the harmful chemicals found in processed food which produce inflammation.” Making positive changes to what you put into your body is crucial for achieving a worthwhile life balance. Not only will these help to make you feel healthier, but can improve your sleep, skin and energy levels. 

Do a digital detox

Are you one of these people who check your social media feeds in the morning before you’ve even got out of bed? If so, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate the amount of time you spend glued to your phone and do a digital-detox. While it’s often hard to avoid our technological fuelled environment, it’s certainly not impossible. As an alternative, try and find a creative outlet to distract you and spend your time more wisely; even going for a walk or picking up a book can work in your efforts to take back control from your usual screentime habit. In order to improve your mental and physical health, begin with taking small breaks or removing devices from the bedroom, so you have longer gaps between looking at social media, surfing online or playing computer games.

Remove toxic people

If you want to detoxify your life, then removing any toxic people from it is necessary for our well-being, even if it’s family or close friends, however hard this might be. If someone makes you feel worse after seeing them, then this is a sure indication that you need to spend less time with them. Toxic people come in many guises: from discouraging us to manipulation and causing dramas, to even mild bullying, all of which can result in bringing us down. In contrast, choosing friends who lift you up and inspire you will boost your spirit and take away the stress felt from toxic friends so cut the latter from your life.

Detox your home

When was the last time you had a purge in your home space? Without maybe even knowing it, our home environment can bring us down and cause us stress. Having a de-clutter and cleaning the rooms of your home can purify your space and help to feel refreshed. Start by taking each room at a time - bathrooms are surprising culprits of needing a de-clutter! Organise the things you need, and the items you don’t, before really going for it with a deep clean afterwards. There are many benefits de-cluttering. Helping you to focus on what matters, creating confidence and having less stuff equates to less stress, just to name a few!

Relax and chill out

Quite often, all we need to actually do is to simply wind down and give ourselves a break by just relaxing. One way of doing this in our hectic world is to learn how to be more selfish with our time. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but giving yourself more time for yourself has huge benefits to our physical and mental well-being. The most important thing is not to feel guilty just because we are focusing on ourselves. Whether it’s a treat to have a long soak in the bath with essential oils or having a whole day of pampering at the spa, the peacefulness of either is likely to rid our minds of the daily stresses. Other options can include exercise, meditation or yoga classes or simply being present by yourself in quiet moments, without a screen!  

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