5 Emotional Sad Short Stories To Make You Cry Immediately

Today I’m going to relate a few emotional, sad short stories that will make you cry immediately. Crying – is that even good for you? Isn’t crying associated with weakness? Well…

5 emotional short stories that make you cry immediately

If you bottle up your emotions without releasing it, the toxic wastes that are produced as a result of it, could, over a period of time, have a detrimental effect on your immune system, making your body vulnerable to innumerable diseases and afflictions.

So don’t be afraid or ashamed to cry your heart out – it is a fine way of unleashing your feelings, get them out of your system and start afresh.

However,  this induced crying (after reading these sad short stories) will be bit different from your regular sobbing where you cry out in anguish, due to grief, relationship failures, other failures or for any other reason!

This collection of tear-jerking, heartrending sad short stories that I’m putting forth here will make you emotional and sentimental.  They will not just make your cry but will make also you understand the value of relationships in your life.

So go call your father, mother, brother, sister, friend or lover and tell them how much you love them! Better still meet them in person every  once in a while! You never know when it will the last time for either of you!

Emotional short story 1 - The ringtone

Health conscious Anu, would always go for a walk in the evening and sit at her favourite bench in a park either reminiscing on the events of the day or watching people there.

That day also, as was her custom, she was relaxing on the same bench deeply absorbed in her thoughts. Suddenly a familiar ringtone from a smartphone jolted her from her reverie.

Excited, she turned around -  the sound was coming from a bench facing opposite to hers.

“Oh, that’s papa’s ringtone. So is he here now?”

She got up suddenly and  went there. An old gentleman was sitting there with half closed eyes while his phone was ringing. 

But he was not her father!

Anu suddenly remembered that it’s exactly 3 years since her dad passed away!

Unable to hold back her tears, she rushed from there without waiting a moment longer!

Emotional Short Story 2 – The Son Returns

A couple had a son  after 16 long years of marriage. So naturally he was the apple of their eye. The loved him to death and their whole life revolved around him.

Once when he was 5 years old, he was ill with high fever. He was taken to a doctor and after examining the doctor said that there was nothing to worry and gave him some pills and asked his mother to put cold water compresses on his forehead.

The whole night mother sat besides him, taking care of him and changing his cold compresses. Just before dawn, she was unable to keep her eyes open any longer and slightly leaned down to grab some shut-eye.

When she woke up, it was around 7 am. She gingerly touched her son’s forehead. It was ice cold.  She thought his fever had subsided by now. So decided to go to the kitchen and get some water for him to drink. 

On second thoughts, she checked his forehead again. It was cold, terribly cold. Something didn't feel right. She reached for his nostrils. No feeling of his breath on her hand. Terribly anxious, she leaned and placed her ear on his chest. No heartbeat!

She yelled at her husband. She pointed at the lifeless body of her son, unable to say anything. The father bent down and called out his son’s name; when he didn’t answer, he sprinkled some water over his face. Still no answer!

Slowly they understood that their beloved son is no more!

The couple were completely devastated. There seemed to be no meaning to life anymore!

3 years passed. Some well-wisher suggested that the try adoption and so reluctantly they registered in CARA, an Indian government adoption agency.

An year later they received a referral for a 5 year old boy. When they looked at his picture, they were shocked to see that he resembled their dead son in many respects.

The finalized that referral and after completing the formalities rushed to bring the boy home from the adoption centre.

The boy went to them as if he was familiar with them all the time. They happily returned home with him.

Their dead son had indeed returned!

Emotional Short Story 3 – Mother’s Love

After his father’s death, the son decides to leave his mother at an old age home because his wife wouldn’t approve of her. The only good this was that he would visit her every now and then to enquire about here welfare.

Years rolled by. One day he received a call from the old age home saying that this mother is seriously ill and wishes to see him immediately. The son rushed there only to find his mother critical and on death bed. The doctor had no hopes about her survival.

He asked: “Mom, how are you? What can I do for you?”

The mother replied:  “Please install fans in the old age home, there are none…. Also get a fridge here as most food stuffs get spoilt due to heat and humidity.”

The son was a bit surprised and asked his mother: “But mom, all these years yo never complained about these things. Now when you know, you have only a few days to live, why do you want all this for the old age home?”

Mom replied: “Dear son, I d have managed somehow, borne all the trouble and handled the terrible heat, lack of proper food, pain etc but when you grow old and your children will send you here, I’m afraid you will not be able to manage. I’m only doing it for you .”

The son was dumbstruck!

(Source: Quora)

Emotional Short Story 4 – The Postman and the girl.

Long ago, in the 80’s to be precise, there was a postman who used to deliver letters to houses in a small town.

One day, he had to to deliver a letter to one particular house that he had never visited before. He rang the doorbell. No one opened the door. He rang twice, thrice…

Then he heard the voice of a girl, “Who’s at the door?”

The postman answered, “The postman. I have a letter for you.”

The girl said, “Then drop it inside from below the door. I’ll collect it later.”

The postman, “No, It’s  a registered letter, I have to take your signature before giving it to you.”

The girl, “Alright, I’m coming. Please wait.”

The postman was irritated and slightly annoyed with the girl for wasting his time.

At last the door opened and a girl was in front of him. She had no legs. She had crawled to come to the door. She had somehow got off her wheelchair to go to the toilet and before she could slowly get back into it, the postman had rang the bell.

The postman quietly handed her the letter and took her signature. He felt sorry for his earlier misgivings.

The postman started delivering many more letters to the girl’s house. Soon a bond developed between the two.

The girl told him that they had moved in this  a few months ago. Her father and mother were working and would arrive in the evening.

An old maid would come and do the cooking and cleaning and also take care of her needs and would leave after her parents came back. That day, when the postman rang the doorbell of her house for the first time, the maid was late due to some reason and the girl had to open the door.

Soon it was Diwali time. The postman planned to give some gift to this girl. The girl also was planning to give something to the postman. She saw that he was always barefoot and wore no footwear.

Once when he had come to her house with muddy feet, she saw that he had left footprints on the portico. She told her maid to get measurement of that imprint and gave some money to buy a good pair of shoes.

The postman bought her some bangles and some sweets and wrapped it neatly to present it to her.

On Diwali day, both exchanged gifts. They chatted for a long time like old friends. The girl was delighted to see the present.

The postman left and when he reached home opened his packet and tears came to his eyes when he saw the shoes.

The very next day, he rushed to the postmaster and asked him to get him transferred to some other place with immediate effect.

The postmaster asked for the reason. The postman said, “Sir, the girl with no legs & feet and who’s my best friend gifted me with shoes after seeing that I was barefoot but I will never be able to gift her with legs to walk.” And the postman burst into tears.

Emotional Short Story 5 – Eternal Love

A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle.

Girl: Slow down. I'm scared.

Guy: No this is fun.

Girl: No its not. Please, it's too scary!

Guy: Then tell me you love me.

Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!

Guy: Now give me a big hug. (Girl hugs him)

Guy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on? It's bugging me.

In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of brake failure. Two people were on the motorcycle, but only one survived.

The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his brakes broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die.

(Source: Facebook)

5 emotional short stories that make you cry instantly

In Closing

So did these poignant, moving sad, short stories stir something inside you? Did they make you burst into tears? Did you cry your heart out remembering those near and dear ones whom you lost recently? Did you miss saying goodbye to them or expressing your love? Do share your views in the comments.

If you do have similar soul stirring emotional short stories to share, do put it in the comments so that others may also read and get emotive.

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