7 Procedures to Add Into Your Self-Care Routine

With all the stress going around, taking care of ourselves has become more necessary than ever before. Taking a few moments each day to do something for ourselves adds up. 

Some self-care options beautify your skin, while others give your heart and soul an uplifting feeling. No matter which part of your body needs a boost, these self-care procedures can help give it to you. 

7 procedures to add to self care routine - pic of woman in bath towel, drinking water

Daily Affirmations 

Getting stressed out or overwhelmed can lead to you feeling a bit down about yourself. However, something as simple as reading a message about how wonderful you are can change how you feel. 

Write down some affirmations to put around your house, and put them up on sticky notes where you will be during your week. You can also say daily affirmations about yourself in the mirror each day. 

Saying things like “I am capable of anything” and “I can make a difference today” help you feel more confident. Confidence is always good when it comes to taking care of yourself. 

 Let Your Stresses Go 

When stresses get the better of you, it can affect your health. This means that not only will your mind feel stressed, but your body will, too. Instead of letting your blood pressure rise, let go of what you can. 

If your mind does not turn off, then write about what is stressing you. Talking about it, either to yourself in a journal or to others over the phone, can be incredibly freeing. It can also help you process what you feel, allowing your mind to come up with solid responses other than stress! 

Unplugged Time 

Our minds are often overwhelmed with the constant barrage that comes from email and social media. Take a little bit of time each day and unplug. 

Connect with those around you, journal, or even take a quiet bath. Just ignore the outside influences in your life and do something that is purely for you. 

Learn When to Say “No” 

Saying no when someone needs you is difficult for many people. Saying no to those who stress you out or want more than you can give is difficult. Plus, it often leaves you feeling like you let someone down. Give yourself a break. Learn when you can help and when you need a break. 

Help when you have some of you to give, but make sure to say no when it would be too much. This simple exercise can help restore your inner balance with life and help others learn where your boundaries are. 

Get Moving to Care for Your Body 

We often forget how much merely moving around can boost how we feel. Getting outside and going for a quick walk or even getting up and dancing around in the house can make a huge difference. Take a little bit of time and stretch. 

Let your body move and feel free, even if you can only do it for a few minutes each day. Ideally, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, but this will still help you feel better when that is not possible. 

Take Care of Your Skin, Too 

People often put caring for their skin on the backburner when life gets to be too much. However, this inadvertently adds to your stress in many instances. You want to look and feel your best, so give yourself some time. 

Something as simple as an extraction facial or a sugar scrub can leave your skin looking and feeling great. The better you feel on the outside, the happier and more relaxed you are bound to feel on the inside. 

Sleep Can Do a Lot to Help You Feel Better 

Often, when we get stressed or overwhelmed, one of the first places we suffer is in the sleep arena. This begins a cycle where you get tired, adding to your stress, which further impacts your sleep. When you get tired, just let your body (and your mind) rest. 

Take a nap when the urge hits you, and you have that option. Go to bed at the same time each night so that your body naturally gets tired when that time comes. The more routine you make bedtime, the less likely you are to lose sleep. 

Final Word

Each of these simple additions to your self-care routine can help, but trying a few of them can make a significant difference. Do not let stress or anxiety overrun your life. Take out some time each day and devote it to yourself. You deserve it!

[Guest post by Lisa]

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