The story of My Bangles

Have you ever noticed, everything you hold dearly has a memory attached to it? It’s an interesting aspect, the way we remember how a small thing can take us years back down the memory lane. Like letters, gifts, jewellery etc. Especially gold jewellery as we always purchase gold or expensive stuff mostly during a special occasion, that thing marks as an invisible memorandum for the occasion. For me, my first gold accessory holds the most delicate memory of my childhood attached to my heart.

“Never model a student, especially math is the horror of all, I still remember my dad saying “it's ok. I want you to pass. Don't stress so much”, before going to the examination center. No, I didn’t clear, I did terribly in that paper, and I can totally read my dad’s expression which was extreme disappointment. Then started my excruciating period, special tuitions and then soon the day of supplementary came, before going into the center, my dad remained silent, I was super tensed but in the last minute, he said: “don’t stress out, just pass mark is fine”. I almost had tears, with complete embarrassment realized I can't even stand next to no expectation too.

gold ring designer
By the time of results, it's not my family even I was equally surprised I scored 52% my father was on clouds. Well that’s when my dad took me to buy something for me, well ice cream was the usual prize, then he took me to a gold store, seeing my surprised look he said “some achievements should be marked with a trophy” and that was the first time I was asked to choose whatever I liked, no interference or suggestions and finally I picked a pair of supper fat gaudy bangles and a gold ring , no idea about the bangle or gold ring price,  I had the freedom to go crazy. Till now they are my best-prized possessions.

The most confusing thing while deciding is, have to look at the options,  temple, Plain, cut etc. what to choose and how to choose when we have so many options and each one of them is more beautiful than the other. Here are very few basic variations and the occasion they can be paired being subtle, smart and perfectly beautiful.

Stone Bangles

As the name indicates, the jewellery designs made of gold and stones, stones such as emerald, ruby, diamonds etc. these bangle designs are classic and most appreciated over the years. These can be worn from any medium occasion to huge functions, can be paired accordingly. These stoned bangles carry their own charm at the same time blends with the wearer without sanding out.

Plain bangles

These are like regular bangles which you wear for daily use, these are mostly because of tradition or to avail the medical benefits gold provides. Extremely plain to very minor details on these.

round gold bangle - bridge ridge

Temple Bangles

If you want to make a statement with your bangle designs. Temple designs are the apt once, these bangles design gold latest designs are bold, and antique at the same time carries a majestic aura, and can be worn for daily to any occasion paired appropriately.

(Contributed by Bhuvaneshwari)

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