Facial Cleaning Routine With Jade Facial Roller

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To achieve or maintain soft, blemish-free skin that naturally glows, it's important to have our own facial routine. As you may already know by now, each person’s skin is different. What may work for one may not work for the other, this is why we should always test and select only the right products for our skin. But even with that, I still believe that it's important to keep an open mind, experiment and try new products. 

Chi Himalayan Jade Facial Roller

For me, "Explore, select, and add" is the perfect mantra when it comes to beauty. I enjoy looking out for new beauty products that can help me get smooth, pimple-free skin.  Like most of you, I follow beauty gurus and those passionate about keeping and maintaining beauty.

In my scouring for beauty products in the Internet,  I came across a really unusual, but seemingly promising product. I saw a few people and articles online raving about Facial Rollers. Naturally, the beauty surveyor  in me just had to do something, so I did my research then bought and tested a few.

Cut to the chase, I can say I have fallen in love with the Jade Facial Roller. I personally find it soothing, and an interesting addition to my facial routine. You may have heard others say this, but it did make me feel more relaxed and even confident in my skin.

It’s interesting because it's so easy to use with no chemicals or complex procedures.
One major interesting thing about jade rollers is its history. The jade stone is popular in the Chinese culture it holds or symbolizes goodness, preciousness and beauty. Jade facial roller is an ancient beauty secret that dates back to the ancient Chinese, Indian and Aztec civilizations, and were only available for royalties and elites. So if you feel like sharing a beauty secret with an empress, this is it.

Here are a few more things you need to know about jade rollers:

How a jade roller can enhance your facial cleansing routine
Face cleaning is a series of processes you take to make sure your skin is deeply cleansed and nourished. If there's an existing beauty routine you follow, you probably know that it includes deep cleansing, toning, masking and moisturizing, to say the least. Jade rollers offer to bring a fun but effective beautifying twist to your facial cleansing  routine.

Here are some of the most popular benefits of  jade facial rollers:
- reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- minimize the pores
- tightens and promotes elasticity to the skin
- skin lightening
- lymphatic drainage assistance
- reduces puffiness and redness
- promote proper blood circulation
- promotes skin elasticity
- promotes better absorption of moisturizers and creams
-eases tension in facial muscles

In depth look at jade rollers

Asian woman with no wrinkles or pimples

As mentioned earlier, jade rollers are non-invasive beauty tools that have been used by empresses and elites in ancient civilizations. They're mainly popular for their anti-aging benefits by reducing age-defining lines. Jade rollers do this by gently massaging the skin and muscles, therefore inciting proper blood flow underneath that help in reducing fine lines.

It also  boosts the lymphatic system by supporting lymphatic drainage. It massages the muscles in the face and neck, pushing excess fluid and toxins in different drainage points in the body such as those by the ears and clavicle. This reduces puffiness in the face, avoids inflammation and promotes elasticity of the skin, not to mention that it helps your body avoid infection too!

Aside from that, jade rollers are also popular for boosting absorption of moisturizers and creams. While topical application by the hands make creams and moisturizers work, the gentle massage produced by this beauty roller allows the substance to get into the pores much faster.

Rollers with original jade, such as the Chi Himalayan Jade Facial Roller by Krasr, are also popular for their skin lightening effects. The magic happens through the many silicate minerals found in pure jade, which can brighten dark areas of the skin, particularly under the eyes.

With all its benefits to the layers of the skin and underneath it, it's easy to see why a lot of people are crazy about it. Personally, I adore these rollers.  It's non-invasive, handy, easy to use and very soothing to the skin. It's a pretty strong beauty tool on its own, but when incorporated in your beauty routine, it can work wonders.

The price range for rollers with pure jade  typically go from $10 up to $100. But honestly, there are a lot more beauty products out there that cost more, but lasts way longer than most of them. With jade rollers, you get long lasting effect for a one-time purchase, pretty good deal right?

At this point, you probably see how jade rollers have captivated my heart. If it has captured your interest too, I'd suggest you do more research about it. There are a lot of Youtube videos and beauty blogs to help you decide on whether this product is for you and how you can incorporate this to your beauty routine.
You can also try looking for legitimate jade roller sellers out there if you'd like (make sure they sell 100% authentic  jade). A jade roller is a simple beauty tool that can bring amazing results to your skin, and something that you can rely on for your beauty needs for years on end. If you're looking for a beauty tool that's worth every cent, this is definitely it.

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