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It's that time of the year to put up the list of best posts! As always, I did not keep up my promise of posting more frequently but I did resist the urge to publish guest posts and that's a good thing!  I have compiled a list of posts, some of which are my personal favorites along with some which have been appreciated by the readers. Hope you all enjoy perusing them.

Will reducing weight darken my skin?
Many people have this mistaken notion that reducing weight eventually will take toll on the color of their skin and make it appear darker. This article shows how false this belief is!

Bad dreams before periods?
Do you get nightmares a few days before yoiur periods or unable to sleep well. You are not alone. Read on to know how PMS can affect your quality of sleep

Googling for your symptoms is not a bad idea.
Well, mostly you shouldn’t google for your symptoms when you are not keeping well. You may end up feeling more depressed thinking that you may be afflicted with a deadly disease. But in some cases, googling for symptoms does help. Read about people who benefited from searching medical information on the net, the right way!

Is some white discharge form the vagina normal?
Some discharge from the vagina is fine and healthy too. But you have to be concerned if there it’s of a weird color and has a foul smell.

Drink water from a mud pot in summer.
Ah, the wonderful mud pot! The very thought of drinking naturally, cool, sparkling water from an earthen pot is simply divine! It has several health benefits too!

Using hair removal creams on eyebrow hair?
Never ever use hair removal creams on your eyebrows. You can end up losing yoru eyesight. To shape your eyebrows you can opt for tweezing, threading etc.

Stay cool the unconventional way this summer
Wanna know how to stay cool the unconventional way in summer. Read this interesting article!

Never share nail cutters with others.
Just like you never share your toothbrush or comb with others, you should never share nail cutters / clippers also.

Is brain fog during PMS for real?
Have you ever been taunted for having a foggy memory or for being clumsy in the name of PMS and felt offended? Then you should read this article and give your detractors the appropriate response.

Memory loss could mean vitamin B12 deficiency

Have you become forgetful lately? Even though you are still young, there is a creeping doubt in you that dementia is setting in! Don’t worry, memory loss could also mean other things and not just dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Replace your kitchen sponge instead of sanitizing.
Do you microwave your kitchen sponge of sanitize by dipping it in dettol solution? Don’t! Just throw it away after using for a week and use a new one. Wanna know why? Read the article.

Gandhaali Foot scrub : review
A wonderful foot-scrub soap for your feet only and it’s quite inexpensive too! Does its job well!

Depression – Recognize and tackle it.
Do you have a lingering feeling of sadness and hopelessness bothering you for weeks and months together? Then you need help! The first thing to do is to recognise that you have depression and then go about to tackle it.

Girl worried about unequal size of breasts
Teenage girls often worry about unequal size of breasts! Here’s some advice on what one should do about unequal breasts.

Anti-aging tips to feel energetic & youthful
Wanna look young and energetic even when you are past your prime? This article ahs lots of tips and suggestions to achieve that elusive “fountain of youth”.

Underweight and Early Menopause – Is there a connection?
If you are underweight then you have some reason to worry!

Thick eyebrows for a youthful look
Wanna look youthful! One trick is to have thick, dark eyebrows and never ever tweeze your eyebrows in that pencil thin shape or try to go for the high arch.

Menstrual Migraine – What is that?
Along with bad dreams, lack of sleep etc. you can also get something called as menstrual migraine a few days before your periods which persists in the first three days of your periods also. Read up more about it in the article.

Exam Fear, Sleeplessness during Exams?
Now this is something common that most students experience. This post talks about how you can overcome your exam fear and tackle sleep issues!

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  1. Fabulous post and a great reminder to go back


  2. Making a roundup or even your best list of old post is so interesting. It also enhance your writing ability by monitoring the way your improve your ideas and content creation.

  3. Well, you can always look back on the good stuff and be grateful for it. 🙂

  4. Prakruthi3:39 PM

    Very cool idea! I was just thinking of doing a 6-month retrospect but perhaps with an extra brain squeeze and a latte, I can go a full year!

  5. Preeti3:42 PM

    So glad I read your post, sure some good tips and very helpful. Thank you very much.
    Merry Christmas / Happy Festive Season to you all. 🌲⛄️🌲⛄️


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