Girl worried about unequal size of breasts

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M.S asks: My problem is an embarrassing one. I am a 16 year old girl, smart and attractive. But there is one feature of my physique which is bothering me a lot. 

My left breast is smaller than the right one. Due to this, I always wear salwar suits with dupatta, although I long to put on shirts and blouses like my friends. Is there any cream or medicine which will help me?

girl worried about unequal size of breasts

Don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal to have different-sized breasts. In fact, if you have noticed, even the left hand is slightly different in shape and size from the right or even ears and feet for that matter.

Slight asymmetry in body parts is a quite common thing! Since you are only 16, your breasts are probably still growing.

By the time you will be 20, there is a possibility that your breasts will even out. But even if they don’t, there is no cause for worry because even in most adult women there is a difference in breast size to some degree or other and this is not considered an anomaly.

Are you sure you are not being over-conscious of your figure? Has any friend remarked over this “problem”? It could be that the different size of your breasts is not at all noticeable to others and you are just being overtly self-conscious about it!

But if that is not the case, and the the difference is more than a full cup size, then you might have to consult a lady gynecologist who could find out the reason for this and suggest a remedy.

In the worst case scenario, she might suggest breast reduction to even out the size of the breasts or even an implant for the smaller breast. But even for the cosmetic surgery of breasts or implants, she’ll most probably ask you to wait for a few more years till you breasts have developed.

I’d however like to mention that supplements, topical creams, exercises or diets cannot change the shape of size of your breasts. Even if you do lose weight by exercising, you will lose weight equally on both your breasts.

If the unequal size of your breasts is worrying you for cosmetic reasons, that is, for not being able to wear shirts or blouses, you can use specially padded bras or special inserts that make your breasts appear equal in size. Talk to your mother or your older relative about this and they might help you.

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  1. Reduction and lift of the left side

  2. Jamuna3:03 PM

    Generally, slight differences in a woman's breasts are of no concern. If the differences are greater than one bra cup size, however, they may cause some psychological distress, particularly during adolescence, when a young woman's body and mind are already changing so rapidly. Padded bras or bra pads may make the asymmetry less of a problem.

  3. Preeti3:05 PM

    Should a woman have persistent visible breast asymmetry, she should seek consultation with a physician for further evaluation. An augmentation or reduction surgical procedure may be performed, if the person with the asymmetry wishes, to make the breasts more symmetric after development/puberty is complete.


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