Using hair removal creams on eyebrow hair?

Bina asks: On every hair-removing cream container, there is a warning that, it should not be used near the eyes. However I find it very convenient to shape my eyebrows by removing the extra hairs with the cream. Will it affect my skin, later on?

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Response: I'm surprised that in spite of the warning on the depilatory creams that it should never be used for removing facial and eyebrow hair, you are disregarding it and using it for that very purpose!

I don't understand how you are not worried that it could affect your eyesight! And you are doing this just because you find a depilatory cream more convenient to shape brow hair!

I don't mean to be rude, but what you are doing is simply ridiculous!

Depilatory creams consist of many chemicals which may prove harmful if applied near the eyes. Even if you take utmost care while applying, some of it may get into your eyes and may cause serious damage to your eyesight.

Also your facial hair and particularly the skin around your eyes is is more delicate and applying a product not meant for that area may trigger skin sensitivity and cause allergic symptoms like irritation, redness and stinging.

The chemicals used in the leg and arm hair removal creams are too harsh and are not meant for your sensitive facial skin. Also read this.
Hair removal creams are not meant for eyebrows

You must, immediately stop the use of depilatory cream and shape your eyebrows by other safer methods like threading and tweezing. Read Eyebrows shaping and care & How to groom your eyebrows to perfection.

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  1. Shruti4:32 PM

    Hair removal creams are not suitable for all areas of the body and should be refrained from being used near the eyes or where there is any broken skin.

  2. Prabha4:34 PM

    They have a negative effect on the skin, especially if the skin is mature or sensitive.

  3. An allergic reaction can occur

  4. Yes, your skin will darken overtime n hair will become thicker n darker after first time itself. Switch to thread/wax.


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