Why you should wash your tights and leggings after every use?

Most of us tend to wear a pair of tights, leggings, jeggings  or stockings several times without washing! Why? Mainly because we don't want to spoil the fabric with frequent washing. We usually wash them when they appear to be too dirty or become too smelly. But it seems that this isn't exactly an hygienic practice. More so because these clothes cling to the body snugly like second skin. These are usually made of synthetic fabrics that create a warm, moist environment  which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

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According to this article in The Daily Mail, these factors can cause a woman to get yeast infections and Urinary Tract Infections / UTIs, especially if she wears tights without cotton underwear underneath. The same conditions can also  lead to a fungal infections according to the doctors. Fungus loves moisture and sweating, explain the doctors.

Of course, all these issues will be there if you wear  clinging clothes like tights on a particularly hot, sweaty day for a long time. But the likelihood of experiencing an infection or skin irritation increases after multiple wears with unwashed ones, when the bacteria has had even more time to grow. So it makes sense to wash tights, leggings, stockings and other body clinging hosiery after each wear even if it means that you have to purchase new ones at short intervals.

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At least, in this matter do not be thrifty and avoid washing clingy garments just because you worry that the fabric may get worn-out soon. You should not make compromises as far as your hygiene and health is concerned.

Jenny Altman, a lingerie expert recommends to own multiple pairs of the same tights, gentle hand-washing, using a lingerie bag in a washing machine, air-drying and many other tips. More tips about washing hosiery can be found here.

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