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Reader's Query

Mrs. M asks
I have a young daughter who is growing up to be a beauty. The only problem is that, while I have thick, long, silky hair  reaching up to the waist, hers has not grown beyond her shoulders. I have tried all remedies suggested by people ranging from egg shampoo to reetha (soapnut) and Shikakai, to Ayurvedic oils but to no avail. Doctors say that the length of a person’s hair depends on genetic factors. Then why hasn’t she inherited this trait from me?


Let me answer the last part of your question first. The genetic part is fine, but you seem to have forgotten that half her genetic pool has come from her father’s side and perhaps long hair is not a trait in his family.

There is not much you can do do about that. Hair grows by about half an inch per month during the growth phase, which lasts for 2-3 years after which it enters a resting phase for a few months during which the hair falls while washing and combing.

In some people hair grows continuously without any resting phase resulting in long hair.

Most of the shampoos are of no avail because hair is lifeless and besides keeping it clean nothing else  is accomplished. In fact excessive shampooing with chemical laden shampoos causes hair loss. Many have opted for the ‘no-poo’ method and have found great success with it. 

Now some oils may help in strengthening hair follicles and help prevent hair-loss to a certain extent but they cannot help grow more follicles or drastically help in increasing the length of hair than what is genetically intended.

You could however prevent breaking of hair follicle by avoiding the use of hair sprays and hairstyles that pull on the roots of the hair. Though a nutritious, well-balanced diet cannot increase the length of the hair, it can keep it healthy.

Now since everything else about your daughter seems to be fine, it looks like you are unnecessarily obsessed about her hair not growing as long as yours. Why should your daughter adhere to your standard of beauty? 

A healthy, dense or thick mane is any day better than long hair. Besides many young girls do not prefer to keep their hair long as it requires a lot of maintenance. 

Have you asked your daughter about her opinion on the length of her hair?  If your daughter is comfortable with her hair, then it shouldn’t be your concern at all.

You should rather concentrate on helping your daughter to develop a good self-image and a better personality and stop obsessing on her external appearance.

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  1. Have lots of calcium in your diet

  2. Nivedita3:56 PM

    A really powerful way to encourage hair growth is by massaging it gently and by using special masks, balms, pastes, lotions, etc. It is a great way to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair growth.


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