Look after your skin on a budget

Celebrities spend a fortune on cosmetic procedures, relaxing massages and lunchtime treatments – but there are ways to pamper and preen on a budget. Not all beautifying techniques are expensive, so here’s how to look great without breaking the bank.

If you are looking to improve your complexion, it’s a good idea to exfoliate on a regular basis. Simply get your hands on an exfoliating gel and rub the cream all over your body. The small abrasives will get rid of dead skin cells and should open your pores. If you can’t afford luxury cosmetics you can even make your own exfoliating product. Simply mix salt or sugar with butter and make your own skin rejuvenation treatments at a great price.

dryskin After a bath or shower, rub a decent moisturiser into your skin in small circular movements. This will hydrate your skin and improve your circulation – leaving you with a radiant glow. Run out of cream? Then apply olive oil to your problem areas. Olive oil has been used for centuries to improve the texture of skin and is an ancient beauty remedy. Butter mixed with a little water will also do the trick, so raid your kitchen cupboards frequently.

Make a face mask
facemaskLearn how to make your own facemask and knock up an age-busting concoction. There are many formulas online, but avocado’s good for lines and wrinkles. Start by mashing this exotic fruit into a smooth paste and apply it to your skin for around 30 minutes. The antioxidants are thought to reduce the signs of ageing and should leave your skin fresh. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry, to keep the moisture locked in. Botox can make you look younger, but if you’re counting the pennies, this is a great alternative.

Condition your hair
Hair conditioning treatments can be rather costly, so why not try a natural remedy? Blend a banana until all the lumps have gone and apply it to your hair. Leave this innovative mask on for around forty minutes before rinsing it with coldish water. This wonderful fruit should make your hair shiny and you should find it soft to the touch. Bananas can also condition the skin, so get creative in the kitchen.

Toxins are purged from the body via sweat leaving the skin clean and clear. Therefore, it’s a good idea to work out a couple of times a week. If you can’t afford gym membership, take the dog for a run, walk to work or put an exercise DVD on in your front room. You could also go for a long bike ride at the weekend or take the family on a fun-filled outing. So long as you’re moving, you’ll burn calories and will look fabulous throughout 2012.

Get enough sleep
If you’ve got dark rings underneath your eyes, you might not be getting enough sleep. A lack of rest can leave you looking tired and pale, so get as much shuteye as possible. If you find it hard to unwind, try taking a relaxing bath or listening to some calm music – as this should help. The world’s a busy place, but you’ve got to put time aside for yourself. The average adult needs around eight hours of sleep per night, so don’t miss out – it’s free after all.

Wear minimal makeup
Makeup can block your pores causing blackheads, pimples and acne – so try not to wear it very often. Leave your face to breathe as much as possible and take mascara, foundation, blusher, eye shadow (and any other cosmetic product) off before you go to sleep. If you feel unconfident without makeup, try wearing a tinted moisturiser. This will even out your complexion without damaging your skin and is available at a good price.

Stay out of the sun
Excess exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, age spots and skin cancers. It can also speed up the ageing process, so it’s wise to stay in the shade. Wear sun cream every day of the year and save yourself a fortune on Botox treatments and microdermabrasion. If you travel to a warm climate, cover your body in long, loose clothes and wear a hat to protect your scalp. A tan might seem glamorous, but it could leave you looking old down the line.

(Guest Post by Isabella)

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  1. Bhagya9:21 AM

    bare minerals by nivea are awesome :)

  2. Champa9:21 AM

    Olay has great toner with witch hazel for about $4 a bottle. Biore is also a great skin care line. I use their blackhead strips and they work very well. Whatever you get, make sure you get a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, but I would personally say either Biore or Olay.

  3. Daksha9:22 AM

    a neutrogena system. face wash, toner and then a lotion. neutrogena makes great products and you can get ones that are good for your skin type.

  4. Bhagya- I have always been a fan of Nivea.

    Champa - I have only ever used Biore pore strips, I'll have to check out their other stuff

  5. Suniti3:37 PM

    The best advice I've been given and could give someone is to love yourself. :) Be proud of how you look. Dress up your advantages (example: beautiful eyes, cheekbones; sculpted arms, etc.) and downplay your disadvantages/whatever you don't want people to stare at (you know the list).

    And once you know what you're doing, your confidence level will soar through the roof! There's nothing better than KNOWING you look amazing. :)

  6. sour cream mask for about 5 mins
    for baby soft clean skin


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