Abhimanyu Singh's Fitness and Grooming Routine

(Guest Post)

Want to know what former TV star and upcoming cine actor Abhimanyu Singh does to look sharp without sacrificing his unconventional looks at the alter of quixotic fashion trends? Read on...

Abhimanyu Singh

Abhimanyu's fitness regime:

Jogging thrice a week.

His idea of a healthy breakfast:

I believe in the maxim of eating breakfast like a king: 4 boiled eggs, 4 slices of brown bread, cornflakes, a glass of milk and a couple of chapatis.

His hair styling tips:

Oil once or twice a week and visit the salon at least once a month.

Treats he recommend to every metrosexual guy:

A manicure and a pedicure. I like clean feet and trimmed nails so I pamper myself with a pedicure once a month or once in two months.

His No:1 mood booster:

A body massage.

His favourite Accessories:

My yellow sapphire and white pearl rings.

His favorite brand of cologne and skin cream:

Paco Rabban (cologne) and Nivea for Men, although I'm not much into creams.

One healthy habit that he has:

I eat a lot of fruit in between shots when I'm hungry.

One healthy habit he wishes he had:

To dine before 8 PM which unfortunately has never been possible.

What does he wear when he wants to impress someone?

A pair of fitted blue jeans and a crisp white shirt.

What does he see when he looks in the mirror?

A very grounded guy who isn't envious of successful people. In short, I see a positive person who wants to pass his positivism around.

(Contributed by Reader Swati)

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  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    It is vital to eat effectively to keep healthy. Acai berry is an awesome super food that keeps you healthy and in addition has the bonus of helping you to lose a load of weight

  2. unknown6:44 PM

    Good healthy things to eat
    Breakfast - a bowl of cereal and a slice of my
    toast and marmalade.
    Elevenses - A bit of fruit.
    Lunch - A bowl of vegetable soup.
    Mid afternoon snack - a bit of fruit.
    Evening meal - A piece of Haddock wrapped in foil with a diced onion and cooked for 30 minutes in the oven. Add a couple of boiled potato's and some carrots and pea's.
    Supper - A bowl of cereal and a bit of fruit.


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