An iPhone app that zaps acne & wrinkles

wrinkles girl with acne  You might have heard about that weird gadget, an mp3 player from Japan, that supposedly clears up your zits as you listen to music. Now it's the turn of a bizzare iPhone application, developed by dermatologist Dr Greg Pearson, that allegedly claims to zap acne and wrinkles
How it works? This particular Application, called as AcneApp, apparently, uses 420 nanometer blue light and 550 nanometer red light to help kill bacteria and promote collagen growth. The app, which costs just  (£1.19) $1.99, reportedly works on the skin while users talk on their iPhone or iPod Touch.  Dr. Pearson, says that though further studies and trials are required to ascertain its efficacy, he is fascinated by the concept that users would potentially be able to treat their acne while talking on the phone. New York dermatologist Dr Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, however, is skeptical not only of its efficacy but also of the possible harmful effects of ultraviolet rays while the iPhone or iPod Touch is being used.iphone app to zap acne wrinkles

The iphone app that zaps acne and wrinkles.

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  1. wow ! very interesting News..

  2. Sujata11:27 AM

    Apply sunscreen before exposing your back
    3.Try using clay masks to remove dirt from deep inside
    4.Inflammatory acne can be treated by antibiotics, topical retinoids and also by injecting cortisone
    5.Try to avoid hot and clammy surroundings and also stay away from cooking as well, as the grease from the cooking can aggravate blackheads and clogged pores leading to further acne

  3. Yogini11:34 AM

    I would suggest washing less and moisturizing more. A great product is St.Ives Apricot Scrub, because it is VERY moisturizing and refreshing.


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