Sanatana Soap : Review

A spiritually inclined friend of my mine gifted me this soap; the name being Sanatana Soap and the chief ingredients, Neem and Panchagavya. It has a nice smell, doesn't lather much and is rather kind on my normal to dry skin ( it didn't strip my skin dry like many other soaps). It could be suitable for oily & acn-prone skin too (Neem and Panchagavya have antibacterial and antiseptic properties). Now I have to admit that I have used it only thrice, so that's all I can say about it right now. A 75g bar costs just Rs.13/- 

Sanatana Soap-1 Sanatana Soap-2
(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Vinaya6:25 PM

    i just scrolled thru this site …i’d say it’s a gr8 site.lots of beauty masks and what not?thnks a lot for your information

  2. Sourav6:27 PM

    What soap is the best soap used in India by many peoples?

  3. Nice soap and more important it works very well. Thanks for suggesting this soap.


  4. best soap ever i used

  5. really we also likes this soap, i purchased it on Anjaneya swamy temple near Iskon temple bangalore, will we get any other places if yes please update me ..Suresh

  6. Anonymous3:44 PM

    can u send me the address where these sanatana products are available in bangalore

  7. I have no idea. Refer to comment #5 from Suresh.

  8. Hi, I have used other flavour "Astagandh" and it is awesome, during winter season also my skin will be like in normal condition, found no dryness. Earlier i had purchased this soap from Anjaneya temple in Mahalakshmi layout, near ISKON temple. I am having address from where we can get sanathan products, will share soon

  9. Yes another place is in Hanumanthnagar, bengaluru.
    Sanatan Shop, Mahalakshmi Complex, no.42, Mount Joy Road, hanumanthnagar. Next to Ganesh Bhavan Bus Stop.
    PH: 9538452364


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