Keys for Stylish Nails This Fall

(Guest Post)
stylish-nailsAre you ready for autumn? Are your nails? Check out these pointers to find out:

1. Get Dark
Are you keeping up on fashion-forward colors for this fall? According to the latest New York runway reports, designers this season are trending toward olives, browns, and burgundy to match the natural deep shades of autumn, with luxe matte textures to evoke the rich cold-weather appeal of velvet and leather. Where summer’s colors were light and candied, fall’s colors are bold and elegant. 

2. Shine On!

Are you the kind of girl who just can’t stay away from the light? Don’t worry: just because dark colors are in, that doesn’t rule out the opportunity for a whole lot of sparkle. Many of the season’s hottest shades right now are filled with a healthy dose of silver and gold glitter, for a futuristic sparkle that will shine on long after the short winter sun has gone down.  

3. Its All in the Details
Nails are longer this season, leaving plenty of room for nail art, so make the most of that space for a major impact. Beyond the nail itself, make sure the rest of your fingers are in good shape. Nothing ruins the beauty of a perfectly painted nail faster than ragged cuticles and messy hangnails. Make sure your manicurist knows that it’s not just about the nails, but the hand as a whole. 

4. Stay True to You
If dark colors and metallic shimmer just aren’t your style, don’t stress or bend over backwards to fit into the mold: a fashion victim is never stylish. See which trends work best with your personal style, but when all else fails, sticking to your true colors never goes out of fashion.

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  1. Sabita5:00 PM

    Nails protect the skin of the hands. They are a basically dead cell that’s why you don’t feel a thing when you cut them they are made of protein.


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