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February 23, 2009

Dettol Hand Wash:Review

Washing hands from time to time, especially before having food and after using the toilet is a hygienic necessity. And if you inculcate good hygiene in your daily routine it means you are at a less risk of contracting viral or bacterial infections or diseases and good health will ultimately follow. Besides it’s a known fact that there can be no real beauty without good health.

By the way, a research has found that women’s hands harbour more bacteria than men’s; researchers believe that it could be because they have less acidic skin and tend to produce more oil and also for the reason that they moisturise and use cosmetics more often. So it follows that women have to wash hands more frequently.

Dettol Original Handwash

Dettol Original Handwash

I’ve been using “Dettol Hand Wash”, also called “Dettol Original Hand Wash” for years. And as mentioned on the label, it indeed leaves your skin reassuringly clean and healthy; I simply can’t do without it. So that my hands do not become too rough and dry due to frequent washing, I use a good quality moisturizer like Gloves in a bottle twice a day.
Dettol Skincare Handwash

Dettol Skincare Handwash

Dettol Sensitive Handwash
Dettol Sensitive Handwash
There are 2 other variants of Dettol Hand Wash available in the market- Dettol Skincare Handwash, which has moisturizers to nourish your hands soft after washing and Dettol Sensitive Handwash with glycerine which is clinically proven to be mild on skin; its unique soap-free formulation ensures that your hands are clean and protected without any irritation.

However excessive handwashing could point out to something else, a psychiatric disorder, in fact. It’s called as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). You need to consult a psychiatrist if you are exhibiting symptoms of this condition.

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  1. DR Roopa9:25 AM

    Helps to remove germs, leaving skin hygienically clean and fresh* 100% soap-free formula contains moisturizers to combat moisture loss* Gentle to the skin and can be used by all the family...

  2. Nandita9:08 AM

    Nice blog post..

  3. Shivaswamy9:18 AM

    Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse well with water. If signs of a rash occur, discontinue use.

  4. Jagadish9:28 AM

    Thank you for the review. I was very, very curious about this product.

  5. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are safer for children because they are non-toxic, non-flammable and eliminate the risk of alcohol ingestion, as has happened in the recent-past with alcohol-based sanitizers. In addition, alcohol-free products are gentler on the skin and don’t cause drying or cracking.

  6. Anjali10:02 AM

    Can't wait to know more about it. Thanks for sharing :)


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