Stress can make your skin to itch

man scratching himselfscratching one's handsSeveral factors can cause itching and the urge to scratch your itching skin is a natural phenomenon and some of these sure-fire home-remedies are bound to help. But did you know that even stress can contribute and aggravate your itch? A new study has found that stress can activate immune cells in your skin and cause the familiar yet irritating sensation. Immune cells in the skin over-react resulting in inflammatory skin diseases. Though it is not clear how stress aggravates skin diseases, researchers led by Petra Arck of Charité, University of Medicine, Berlin and McMaster University in Canada, hypothesised that stress could exacerbate skin disease by increasing the number of immune cells in the skin.

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  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    the stress activates immune cells, which in turn are central in initiating and perpetuating skin diseases, according to a release from the University of Medicine.


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