September 8, 2008

Benefits of chewing gum

person chewing gumChewing gum, it is said, exercises the facial and jaw and muscles and improves the blood circulation in those parts; that’s why many prefer this particular facial exercise to ward off wrinkles. One study has shown that chewing gum stimulates saliva production and increases the salivary flow, which in turn neutralises teeth-eroding and cavity-causing acid produced by harmful bacteria present in the teeth. One more study from Finland has concluded that there is a considerable reduction in tooth-decay in children who chewed gum with an artificial sweetener called Xylithol. However gums containing sugars and other artificial sweeteners can cause cavities and tooth-decay, especially if you don’t rinse your mouth after chewing. So better use a sugarless gum for chewing. A recent study conducted by Andrew Scholey from Swinburne University, Australia has shown that chewing gum can relieve anxiety, improve alertness and reduce stress among individuals. Even the U.S. armed forces have been providing troops with caffeinated gum to keep soldiers alert for extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. This practice was started as early as 1935 (World war-I days) and is continued even today. Chewing gum for long hours can also induce a headache as so many muscles in your face and jaw and are at work and keeping this up repeatedly for hours on end can bring on jaw-pain or a headache. Orthodontists say that if your head hurts or if you often experience jaw-muscle fatigue after chewing gum, it is better to stop this habit for sometime at least. And by chance if chewing gum gets stuck in your hair or on your shoes, rub hard on it with an ice-cube. It will come off easily in a few minutes.

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  1. Karuna7:39 PM

    Real thanks for giving this useful info.

  2. You are welcome Karuna. :)

  3. Who would have thought. Chewing gum can actually be beneficial.

  4. thank you for sharing nice info.

  5. Arjun9:21 AM

    Some of them are increasing your IQ, preventing tooth decay and freshening your breath, it also reduces tension, helps you to concentrate, helps people to quit smoking, and it prevents acid reflux and heartburn. The bad part about gum is that your teeth are constantly breaking in the gum if you chew it for a long period of time.

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Increases blood flow to the brain which is actually helpful when studying.
    Makes your breath smell nice
    Makes you salivate so you don't get a dry mouth (helpful when you have to talk a lot)

    Sugars in the gum can cause cavities
    Sore jaw if you chew alot of gum
    Looks disgusting when your trying to talk to somebody and you can see the back of their throat cause they are chewing with thier mouth open
    Hard to get out of hair,clothing,carpets

  7. Payal8:23 AM

    When you’re stressed out or feeling less than mentally focused, you may just want to pop a piece of gum into your mouth. Over the past few years several scientific studies have all pointed to a very real psychological benefit derived from simply masticating repeatedly.

  8. Thanks a lot for posting this article. Its very useful. I had no idea about the good effects of chewing gyms. If it really reduces stress, will surely try next time.

  9. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I think that post-meal gum chewing is likely health promoting. Most of us simply don’t chew our food as well as we should. This almost certainly affects our digestive potential. Chewing gum can compensate for this sub-par level of mastication.
    The best endorsement I can give is whether I do something myself and/or would recommend it to my loved ones. I chew xylitol sweetened gum after many meals and I suggest the same to my family.

  10. Sukruti8:24 AM

    Don't chew a big wad of gum. That can put a strain on the jaw muscles.

  11. Abhishek8:25 AM

    stop chewing a piece of gum when it becomes hard in your mouth.


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