Basil has anti-ageing properties

Tulsi in a potTulsi leafHoly Basil (Tulsi) for long has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and in home-remedies to treat colds, fevers, coughs, skin diseases and also to provide relief in eyelid inflammation and itching. As a beauty aid, it’s used in face-packs; it’s found to be quite effective in treating acne as well. Read all about it here. Now for the most interesting part. Recent research has found that Tulsi can combat the harmful effects of ageing, thus confirming its usefulness as a youth-promoting herb. The Details: In the first formal study of the herb, researchers, led by Dr Vaibhav Shinde from Poona College of Pharmacy, Maharashtra, India, studied the anti-ageing properties of the herb and found that holy basil extract was effective at actively searching for and eliminating free radicals.
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    You are so right....Tulsi is excellent to boost immunity and helps fight cold, coughs and fever.

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