February 17, 2007

Crying is good for you

When you were a child, you were probably encouraged not to give vent to your emotions and cry. So, you bravely held back your tears. But a good weep is actually good for you – don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. 

If you bottle up your emotions without releasing it, the toxic wastes that are produced as a result of it, could, over a period of time, have a detrimental effect on your immune system, making your body vulnerable to innumerable diseases and afflictions.

So don’t be afraid or ashamed to cry your heart out – it is a fine way of unleashing your feelings, get them out of your system and start afresh. Sometimes crying can make you understand your emotions, whether you are crying for someone or something, or out of self pity. It even helps to give the eyes a good wash and clean them out. Ever thought of that before?

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  1. Thank you, that really makes me feel better and more confident to let my feelings out even though I can only do it on my own. Thanks for the advice once again!

  2. Great point! I definitely am considering that now. It's always been hard for me to cry. Now I can do it on my own. Thanks!

  3. Shamita10:41 AM

    crying releases bottled emotions, like the pressure of a shook soda can it releases in a heavy spray. Don't be afraid to cry, because it is the first step to overcoming a problem

  4. unknown10:46 AM

    Crying is a release of tension from your body that you might not be able to emit any other way. Have you ever got hit with a ball or a bat, and the moment you started crying the pain seem to somewhat fade. Crying takes the stress off the heart, lungs, and the eyes. So, it is not only because it is good for you emotionally, it is also good for your health (mentally and physically)

  5. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Its the only way to being mentally healthy... Only way....

  6. Geeta9:39 AM

    Crying alone or while talking to someone with respect to your problem is not something you should be ashamed about. Crying releases the tension and helps you in thinking pragmatically. Then you can sit down and analyze the situation and pinpoint the source of your depression. This will help you and others to find out a solution.


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